Special Christmas Ornament Chapel Planned

Southwestern Christian University students, faculty and staff will give a special twist the holiday Christmastree decorating tradition during a special chapel service on Thursday, Dec. 4.

The annual Chrismon Chapel service will allow participants to decorate the SCU Christmas tree with hand-made ornaments that help better illustrate the story of Jesus Christ.

The Chrismon tradition began at SCU in 1985 under the leadership of Professor Charlotte Iaquinta. After Iaquinta’s retirement in 2010, the tradition of Chrismon is maintained by Dr. Adrian Hinkle.

“Without a doubt, this is one of the most cherished SCU traditions,” Hinkle said. “It helps to enrich the meaning of the holiday season for students and helps to anchor the reason behind our celebration of the season.”

AChrismon is an ornament that is monogram or combination of letters that form the abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ. Each ornament holds personal significant related to the individual's faith and falls into one of four categories: Nativity, Trinity, Passion and Victory.

SCU students who take challenge typically create an ornament of deep personal significance to them. These creations are significant and faith based objects that create a special memory.

“It has become such a vital memory that we have alums come back each year to add their special item to the tree,” Hinkle said. “Some even bring their children to participate.”

Hinkle said she often hears tales of how SCU students have gone on to share the custom in their families and churches.