Student Leader Baptized in Ceremony

One of Southwestern Christian University’s top student leaders added his name to the expanding number of students expressing public their faith in Jesus Christ in a unique Baptism ceremony that was transmitted halfway across the globe Thursday.

Kyle Mickleburgh, the Student Government Association President and a sophomore member of the soccer team, was baptized in the same whirlpool tub in the SCU Athletic Training Room that fellow students Zack Howry and Quincy McDowell had done earlier this year.

Mickleburgh shared his testimony and the actual Baptism experience through videotelephonywhich transmitted the audio and videosignals in real-time to his parents Michelle and Stuart Lee and Kevin and Sarah Collinson back in his hometown of Liandudno, Wales.

“It was very special to share it with my parents,” Mickleburgh said. “There has been a fantastic transformation in how I view the world, and I wanted to share it both with my family at home and here at SCU. Hopefully, I can lead others to do the same.”

Mickleburgh was baptized by Mike Brooks, the College Pastor at the Bethany First Church of the Nazarene.

“When Kyle started coming to our church, he was what I call a Christian in the making,” Brooks said. “The Holy Spirit was working in his life because he had a lot questions and a lot of interest. He wanted honest answers, and he wanted to seek truth. I think the Lord has honored that request. He is a quality young man and it is great to see the Grace of God work in his life.”

SCU Vice President of Student Life Brad Davis said Mickleburgh is the fifth SCU student to be baptized on campus this year.

“Kyle is just so thrilled at what God is doing in his life.” Davis said. “He began to see what Christ was doing for others here on campus. He then had a desire for the same in himself.”

Davis said additional baptisms are planned on campus in the coming weeks.