Student's Responsibilities

Student's Responsibilities in the Advising Process

Responsibility of Students Being Advised
a. Develop personal social, academic, and career goals and examine how these goals will affect their life.
b. Become familiar with your advisor and other resources at SCU and discuss his/her long-range goals, career opportunities, and the selection of a major or minor with career counselors, faculty, his/her academic advisor, and other resource people.
c. Keep current on academic policies, procedures, and requirements by reviewing the current General Catalog, Schedule of Classes, and major requirement sheets.
d. Know basic University, college, and departmental graduation requirements of a chosen major or minor well enough to plan his/her own progress toward completion of these requirements.
e. Accept responsibility for academic choices.
f. Maintain personal copies of a tentative degree plan, progress reports, University Studies evaluations, and transfer credit evaluations until an official graduation application is processed.
g. Identify the correct Advisor for your major or classification (name, location and contact information).
h. Make an appointment to visit with your Advisor. All the advisors also teach or have other institutional responsibilities. To insure the best possible experience, make an appointment so they can be prepared to discuss your situation in depth.
i. Make an appointment as soon as pre-enrollment opens (November in Fall; April in the Spring). Classes can fill up quickly.