Students Host Mock Press Conference

Students at Southwestern Christian University got a chance to test their sports marketing skills in a series of true-to-life press conferences, presented as part of a class project on Thursday, November 13.

Students in the Sports Marking and Facility Management class, led by Professor Darrick Matthews, took turns interviewing different members of the SCU coaching staff and selected student-athletes in a 45-minute question-and-answer session. All the students rotated through the various facets of the press conference to allow them to serve in the roles as host, moderator, journalist and audience member.

“It allows students to get some valuable practical experience in sports media,” Matthews said. “A lot of times you get stuck with turning in papers and assignments. The students took to this really well. They did all the ground work to make this a successful press conference from the staging, to the props, to arranging our guests.”

Matthews said he happy with the structure the students put in place and the agenda they used to guide those in attendance.

“I was very pleased with the end result,” Matthews said. “You can see by the turnout we had today it was a positive experience for all involved.”