Substitution/Waiver Request Form

Advisors may submit a Substitution/Waiver Request Form to the Office of the Registrar if they feel an advisee has completed a course or other requirement that meets student learning objectives and outcomes for an academic program requirement but is not listed as a part of the program. 

An example might be as follows. A student completed a class in Business Law, but the program requires the course Nonprofit Law. An advisor may feel the learning objectives for Business Law closely matches those for Nonprofit Law, and can therefore request a substitution be made in the student's degree audit.

All substitution/waiver requests will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Registrar in consultation with the department head responsible for assessment for the course's learning objectives and outcomes.

Students may initiate discussions with their advisor if they feel a course or requirement not listed in the curriculum may substitute for a requirement.

The Substitution/Waiver Request Form can be found at this link: Sustitution/Waiver Request Form  

NOTE: (Adivsors MUST be signed in to their SCU issued Gmail account to view the form)