Tuition and Fees - Adult Studies

Tuition and Fees- Adult Studies Bethany Campus

 Tuition and fees at Southwestern Christian University are subject to change without notice.  Fees listed are per semester unless otherwise noted.


Tuition (per credit hour)* $465
 General Fee (per semester)* $375
Assessment Fee (per semester)*  $40
Facilities Fee (per credit hour)* $20
Educational Resource Fee (per semester)* $150
Technology Fee (per semester)*  $125
Directed Study/Private Lesson Fee (per credit hour)  $25
Graduation Fee (per degree) $150
Application Fee (one time) $30
International Admissions Application Fee $200
Athletic Fee (per semester) $20
Portfolio Fees (per paper) $50
Portfolio Fees (per credit hour transcripted) $50
Audit Fee (per credit hour) $100
Drop/Add Fees (per credit hour) $3


*Required of every student


 Any other school activities may result in additional fees.


FINANCIAL AID - 405.789-7661 X3456

All students applying for any type of financial aid and/or scholarship at SCU must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have it sent to the University. The website is  Our school code is: 003180. Students may check their awards and accept them via the student portal.

PAYMENTS - 405-789-7661 X3421

All tuition and other charges are due on the first day of enrollment. The tuition will be spread out into 4 payments throughout the semester if the student is enrolled as full time. The student account must be paid in full at the end of the third month of the semester. A payment method of cash, check or VISA, Mastercard, Discovery or American Express will be accepted.  Students may check their account balance on the student portal.


The refund policy for students who drop courses or withdraw from school is as follows:

2 Weeks BEFORE the first class session - 100%

Up to the first class session - 80%

After attending the first class session - 0%

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