Tuition and Fees - Traditional Students

Investing in your education will be one of the most important steps you take in preparing for your future. Southwestern Christian University understands the importance of this decision, which is why we strive to be one of the least expensive accredited private universities in Oklahoma.

Payment Options:

All tuition and other charges are due before classes begin as specified by the Business Office. If the account cannot be paid in full on that day after financial aid and scholarships are applied, a payment plan is available in which students can make four equal payments for the remaining balance. Payments are due on the following dates.

August 1 January 1
September 1 February 1
October 1 March 1
November 1 April 1

Contracts must be signed with the Business Office and first payments made by the first payment due date in order to be authorized to attend classes.

A late payment fee of $50 will be charged for payments not made by the due date. If the total amount due (sum of payments plus $50 late fee) is not paid by the next due date, the student may be removed from class.

Students should be diligent in checking their student portal for remaining or adjusted balances:

  • Adjustments to financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships)
  • Changes in enrollment (adding or dropping classes)
  • Changes in housing
  • Book charges
  • Fines or fees

If any of these changes occur after the last payment date, the balance is due at the time of the change.
  • All charges for students taking fewer than 9 credit hours per semester must be paid in full at the beginning of each class.
  • All accounts must be settled by the end of each semester before a student can re-enroll for the next semester.
  • Students will be placed on hold if a balance remains after the final payment is due. A hold will prevent the following actions including but not limited to receiving official or unofficial transcripts and diplomas, pre-enrollment for the following semester, and reserving housing.



New Rates as of May 19, 2015 as approved by the SCU Board of Regents.

Full Time/Part Time Resident and Non-Resident $465 per credit hour

Block Tuition

15-18 hours of credit are priced at only 15 hours of credit

Room & Board*

Non-refundable Room Fee (per year) $100
Standard Room (Bell-Irving & Light Halls) $2,950 per semester
House $3,050 per semester
Suite Room-East Dorm (Glass House) $3,250 per semester
Efficiency (Apt Style) Room (Bell-Irving & Light Halls) $3,150 per semester
Quad Room (Suite-North Dorm) $3,650 per semester
Quad w/ Living Room (Suite+LV-North Dorm)  $3,850 per semester
Private Room, additional charge  $200
*Includes 19 meals per week 


Standard Fees

General Fee (per semester)* $375
 Assessment Fee (per semester)* $40
Facilities Fee (per credit hour)*
Technology Fee (per semester)* $125
Athletic Fee (per semester) $20
Directed Study/Private Lesson Fee (per credit hour) $25
Graduation Fee (per degree) $150
Musical Accompanist Fee (per hour) $100
International Admissions Application Fee $200
Audit Fee (per credit hour) $100
Late Registration Fee (per credit hour) $5
CLEP Fee (per test) cash only $50
Drop/Add Fees (per credit hour)


 Concurrent High School Students  
 Tuition-first class (per credit hour)*


 Tuition-additional class(es) (per credit hour)* $465
 General Fee (per semester)* $25
 Facilities Fee (per credit hour)* $10
 Technology Fee (per semester)* $25
 Assessment Fee (per semester)* $40
 Drop/Add Fees (per credit hour)* $3
*Required of every student



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