The Underdogs were one of the first teams to compete in these games and have the most championships. Their confidence is extremely high. Each one of these underdogs has their own gifts, and once they come together they form a being so strong nothing can hurt them. Is there any team that can catch them?

Underdogs Team Roster

Sponsor: Dr. Linda Breslin and Dr. Reggie Wenyika

Captains: Taylor Cormeir and Kyle Mickleburgh


Alli Williams

Austin Usery

Callie Hollis

Charles Ganem

Deven Thompson

Dylan Cook

Errin Duty

Garrett Zollinger

Holley Bennett

Holly Cox

Iago Boaventura

Jacob Spencer

Joshua Belew

Justin Ward

Marshall Golowenski

Meagan Livsey

Mikel Nimsey

Raven Smith

Shanysa Gobert

Seth Nix

Stephen Bird

Takeyra Powell

Ty Brecher

Zackry Howry