Welcome to Southwestern Christian University Admissions! 

At Southwestern Christian University, you have the opportunity to embrace scholarship, spirit, and service. SCU is an accredited four-year Christian University and serves as one of the most affordable private universities in America.  We encourage students to "expect the best from Christ and give their best for Christ." Because our setting is small, we offer an atmosphere that fosters the development of relationships through campus and academic life.  Professors have a genuine interest in your development as a student, an individual, and a Christian. 

You truly are more than a number at Southwestern Christian University!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our admissions office at 888.418.9272 or admissions@swcu.edu


Joe Blackwell - Director of Admissions 

As an alumnus and now employee of Southwestern Christian University I have learned from fellow students, staff, faculty, and administrators.  They helped develop and strengthen my worldview in addition to strengthening my relationship with Christ.  Now as I serve SCU I desire to provide the same opportunities to students that I received when I attended.  This is my university!

Jessie Burpo - Admissions Recruiter/Counselor