University Development


Endowments are a critical element in the educational institution's vitality and quality. Southwestern Christian University encourages the establishment of permanent endowments to recruit, support, and encourage faculty and students, provide community outreach, and build facilities.

Gifts to endowment give forever. They provide the University's capital, the financial foundation on which its future depends. The University's endowment grows through reliable investments to meet current and future needs. The annual interest generates funds each year to support the University's goals and priorities. Through the years, many SCU alumni, parents, and friends have established endowment funds to provide permanent support for scholarships, faculty development, academic programs, library acquisitions, and athletics.

Unrestricted endowments allow the University to respond to new challenges and opportunities. When you establish an endowment, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your name or the name of a friend, family member, or favorite professor will be remembered at Southwestern forever. Your endowment will give again and again, for the benefit of students for many generations to come.

  • Student Support
    Endowed Scholarship $20,000
    Endowed Sponsorship $10,000
  • Faculty Support
    Endowed Faculty Support $10,000
    Endowed Professorship $500,000
    Endowed Chair $900,000
  • Excellence Programs and University Support
    Endowed Programs $15,000
Endowed Student Scholarships

Scholarships may be designated by certain criteria including, but not limited to, geographic region, area of study, academic standing, etc. Donors are encouraged to make additional contributions to their scholarships in order to increase the earnings. A scholarship endowment can be established with a gift of $20,000.

Endowed Student Sponsorships

An endowed sponsorship can be designated by the donor to sponsor community outreach programs and student groups such as: "One Voice," an athletic team, or an academic honors group. An endowed sponsorship can be established with a gift of $10,000 or more.

Endowed Faculty Support

This endowment can be designated by the donor to support faculty projects and departmental needs such as: research assistants, class projects, technology for the department, etc. Endowed faculty support can be established with a gift of $10,000.

Endowed Chair and Professorships

Endowed Professorships honor in perpetuity a person/persons named by the donor. Distinguished scholar-teachers will be appointed to fill these positions. Professorships may be funded with gifts of $500,000. Endowed Chairs may be funded with gifts of $900,000.

Endowed Programs

Academic programs at Southwestern may be endowed with gifts of $15,000. The donor and the University agree upon the purpose and use of the income generated. There are few gifts as important to SCU as those designated to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Capital Campaign

In 2001 Southwestern began a master planning project to enforce and strengthen the future of the University.
This master planning project included then need for new structures such as: parking, accessibility, new facilities, environmental issues and memorials. The master plan also included elements pertaining to non-structural issues including enrollment projections, security features, endowments, technology and investments.

This research and planning has brought Southwestern to a very exciting time in its history. New student growth over the past several years has prompted us to begin the Vital Vision Capital Campaign. The campaign will consist of four distinct phases which will allow Southwestern to reach its maximum potential on the eleven acre campus.

The first phase began at the end of 2003, with the opening of a new resident hall in January of 2004. The resident hall was completed at an overall cost of 1.2 million dollars and will house 56 students.

Annual Fund

Southwestern Christian University has a host of friends, family, and alumni that makes us extremely rich in heritage. However, being rich in heritage alone cannot move this institution to the educational platform that our vision encompasses. To achieve our vision, we need our family of friends and alumni to contribute to the Southwestern Annual Fund..

When you support Southwestern on a monthly basis, you create a "drop", that in turn, creates a ripple effect that travels across the entire organization.  SCU relies on the generosity of its alumni and friends to help bridge the gap and the actual cost of educating students.  With college expenses continuing to rise, tuition alone is not enough to pay the escalating costs of providing an education. Each semester, there is a growing number of accepted students choosing other institutions because we could not offer significant scholarships and financial aid.  The SCU Heritage Fund helps ensure that funds are in place to meet those needs.  Your gifts secure the future of our students and institution.

Whether you decide upon a $10, $20, $35, $50 or $100 monthly pledge, your gift will be gratefully received and put to good use.


The Office of University Development is “the face of Southwestern." Our purpose is to represent and promote all facets of the university through a variety of methods. The Office of Development is responsible for development, alumni relations, public relations, marketing, communications, and grant writing.

The Office of University Development exists to enhance communication and build relationships with the alumni and friends of Southwestern Christian University, by providing opportunities for their encouragement, involvement, increased awareness and financial support of the university, through communication, programs and personal contact.