Writing Center

SCU Writing Center

The SCU Writing Center seeks to provide a resource for students to build stronger writing skills through one-on-one consultation and targeted practice.

Some  key features will include :

  • Building a solid writing skills foundation for future coursework
  • Building the writing skills needed to pass the OGET exam
  • Connecting with other campus resources (counseling, spiritual help, financial aid) as needed
  • Assisting graduate students and faculty with preparation of theses, dissertations, and manuscripts for publication

In addition, the SCU Writing Center, will assist students with the following writing tasks:

  • Researching a topic *
  • Organizing and structuring a paper
  • Drafting and revising a paper
  • Citing sources/avoiding plagiarism*
  • Polishing and formatting a document in Microsoft Word
  • Using proper grammar and academic style
  • Preparing a manuscript for publication

(* The SCU Library & Information Center Director can also assist in these areas)

Writing Center Staff

Under the direction of Professor Andrea Horn, and volunteer students pursuing degrees in English, the center is able to provide quality help.