Coronavirus Task Force Frequently Asked Questions

Health and Wellness at SCU


Will a Covid 19 test be required before returning to campus this fall?                       

While discussions are on-going, testing is not required at this time.  Any policy change will reflect the current public health situation.


How will SCU support vulnerable populations on campus?

The CAPS center is partnering with the Metropolitan Library system to bring enhanced tutoring options this fall.  This features a wider range of tutoring options, writing assistance, and other tools to support student learning.  All tutoring will be available in an online format.


Will SCU provide masks to students, faculty, and staff?

All students living in university housing will be provided a mask as part of their welcome packet.

Full-time faculty will be provided masks and face shields.


How will SCU enforce its health and prevention guidelines (face-coverings, social distancing, etc)?

  • SCU will post signage across campus to reinforce the importance of public health practices including washing hands, covering mouth when coughing, face-coverings, and social distancing.
  • SCU departments and offices will be responsible for enforcing face covering and social distancing in their areas.
  • SCU professors are responsible to enforce face coverings in their classroom and they have the right to ask the student to vacate the classroom.


Violations of university, city, and state policies may be reported to administrative offices by contacting Human Resources, or Student Services,




Campus Life


Will students be able to live on campus this fall?

Yes, our residence halls will be available for students who desire to live on campus. Our Coronavirus Task Force is working with housing staff and student life to provide guidelines for move in day and safety requirements during the semester.


Will masks be required at campus activities and events?

Yes, masks will be required at all SCU related activities and events.


Will the university clean student rooms each week?

No.  The university will not clean individual rooms.  Students will be responsible for the cleanliness of their room and bathroom.  Room checks will take place to ensure health and safety within the rooms.


Will the cafeteria be open this fall?

Yes, and these are the guidelines in the cafeteria.


  • Our new director, Mary Bostic will work with the University to strategically place social distancing markers on the floor throughout the servery and in the areas where students and guests line up to enter the servery.
  • Tables and chairs in the dining area will be reduced and set up with only 4-top and 6-top tables, and half the number of seats at each table.
  • Signage will be placed on each table asking students to not move the tables or chairs and to respect social distancing
  • We will open for lunch at 11:30am vs. 11:50am to allow those students who will not be in chapel to eat early. This will create room for those students in chapel to eat when chapel ends. The new lunch hours are 11:30am – 1:30pm.
  • Mary will provide disposable takeout containers for students, faculty and staff, only when there are no dining room seats available. Students who receive takeout containers, will not be allowed back in to the servery for additional takeout meals.
  • The entire program will be changed from self-serve to served; this includes salad options.


Will the library and CAPS center be available this fall?

Yes, and there will be guidelines for social distancing in those areas.  Masks will be required.


Will sports take place this fall?

Yes, our administration is working with the NCCAA, NAIA, and Sooner Athletic Conference to provide health and safety measures for student-athletes and fans.







How many people can I bring to help me move in?

In order to help us manage the amount of people on campus, we are asking that each student not bring more than two people. We will have volunteers in each building to help students move items in as well as large push carts which you can load up from your car.


Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes. Throughout the duration of move-in day, everyone on campus needs to be wearing a mask.


What do I need to do before coming to campus?

Within 24 hours of arriving on campus, each student needs to fill out the Move-In Day Questionnaire which will ask if you or the people who are coming with you have been experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or have been exposed to a Covid-19 positive person.


What if I or one of the people I want to bring to help me move-in are having Covid-19 symptoms?

Anyone who is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms should get tested immediately and cannot come to campus. If you test positive, you will need to email and schedule a time to move into your room after you have recovered.


What needs to happen before I can check into my room?

You will need to have finished the registration process, including being cleared by the Financial Aid and Business Offices. Once this is done, your completed registration checklist will be turned into the front table at registration and you will be given a paper saying you are cleared to move in. You will then bring that paper to the housing table to begin the check-in process.





Faculty and Staff


Will faculty members be required to wear a face covering while they teach?

Yes, all faculty will have a clear face shield provided by the university.


May a faculty or staff member choose to only allow persons in their office who are wearing a face covering?

Yes. University policy requires face coverings must be worn in all buildings at all time on campus when individuals are within six or fewer feet of one another.  If working independently, masks may be removed.


How will courses be handled if an instructor was exposed to COVID?

Faculty are asked to self-monitor symptoms and self-report any known exposure to COVID for themselves or a member of their family.  If deemed a risk, the instructor will be asked to teach from home until the known risk of exposure has passed.  In these cases, the instructor will communicate any changes for a course with their students.


How will courses be handled if an instructor becomes ill?

The safety of our faculty, students, staff and community is our highest priority. If a faculty member becomes ill and is unable to teach, a substitute instructor will be put in place.


What about individuals who cannot safely/comfortably return to campus for the fall?

Faculty who are unable to return to campus for reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic will still have opportunities to teach and engage students remotely. Employees in special categories (health or childcare-related challenges) will be given flexibility to continue working remotely.


Will the university provide me with assistance for transferring my course content to online?

A 16 week template was created and pre-loaded in all fall 2020 traditional courses that didn’t already have content loaded in Canvas.  Instructors can use this to upload documents and course materials for their students.  Instructors who are new to Canvas should consider using the resources and tutorials available through Canvas in the “Faculty Resources Course”.  There is a wide range of tutorials to assist faculty with various features supported through Canvas.  Faculty Coordinators will be identified to assist faculty in their departments who need additional assistance.  As a last resort, the Director of Assessment and Instructional Design is also available for faculty support.





Facilities, Buildings, and Cleaning Process


What procedures will be in place to ensure highly trafficked areas will be cleaned and sanitized daily?

Our custodial staff will clean and sanitize all common areas each evening.  High touch areas will be cleaned throughout the day during the week.


Will classrooms, chairs, and desks be sanitized between classes?

Classrooms will be sanitized each evening.  At this time, the university does not plan to sanitize classrooms between classes due to the logistics of such an effort.  Masks and hand sanitizer will be used in the classroom.


Will faculty and staff offices be sanitized daily?

Common areas will be sanitized each weekday evening and at different times throughout the day.  Personal offices will be cleaned periodically but not sanitized daily.  Faculty and staff will be responsible for sanitizing their personal workspace.





Academics and Classes


Will the campus offer face-to-face instructions this fall?

Fall 2020 will be an on-campus semester with as much in-person instruction and residential occupancy as restrictions of space, health and safety allow. We will maximize in-person classes as much as possible, especially for courses such as labs and performance-based courses.


Will class sizes be limited this fall?

Class sizes are determined by the occupancy of each classroom.  Seating is arranged to maintain a six foot distance, when feasible, for students in each classroom.


What should I do if I am uncomfortable returning to campus and attending in-person classes?

All classes will include a live-streaming feature.  Students may attend class live online and receive attendance credit.  If class content is recorded, students may choose to watch it at a late time.  However, students who are not live online during the course will not receive attendance credit.


What if I am sick and can’t attend my remote class?

Students who are ill and unable to login to view a course live online should contact the instructor for actions needed.  Note, most syllabi include a late-work policy that will be enforced.   Students who do not attend a course (either in the classroom or live online) will receive an absence.  Most courses will be recorded for students to view later, in the event of an absence.


What should I do if I have concerns about my courses?

Specific concerns for a course should be first addressed to the instructor.  If unresolved, these concerns should be shared with the Department Chair.


Are academic advisors still available for appointments or drop-ins?

Yes, academic advisors are still available but drop-in options may be limited.  It is best to contact your advisor to set up an appointment to meet or confirm availability for stopping by without an appointment. Students who are uncomfortable with a face-to-face meeting can schedule a web or phone meeting with their advisor.


Will the temporary grading and credit options put in place for the second half of the spring semester (credit/no credit, pass-fail conversion, etc…) be implemented again for the fall semester?

No. Special grading policies were put into place in the spring 2020 semester in response to our very rapid transition to remote learning. We do not anticipate continuing any of these special policies in the fall 2020 semester.




Athletic Department


Gym & Weight Room Facilities


What will be the hours of operation for the gymnasium and weight-room?

To allow time to keep the facility clean and disinfected our hours are as follows:


Monday thru Friday – 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday -   3:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Will I be permitted to do individual workouts in the gym when teams are not practicing?

Yes, but there will be limitations on the number of people permitted in each area. 


How many people are permitted in the gym and weight-room during open hours?

We will allow a maximum occupancy of 8 people in each area. Each student will be limited to a one-hour time frame to complete his/her workout. This will allow time for others to also workout.


Are masks required while in the gymnasium or weight facility?

Yes, mask will be required in this facility even when doing individual workouts. Masks will not be required during official team practice.


Will I need to clean the weight room equipment after working out?           

Yes, you must first wash your hands for 20 seconds before entering the facility. Disinfectant spray bottles and towels will be available for each person working out. After completing a workout on a weight machine, you will be responsible for cleaning that piece of equipment for the next person.


Can students be in the gymnasium while a class is meeting?

Only those enrolled in the class will be permitted to enter the gymnasium.



Athletic Teams


Will we have fall sports this year?

Yes, we will have competition this fall. Although the NAIA has moved national tournaments to the spring semester, we will still be permitted to play a fall schedule of games. Practice may begin on August 15, with games starting after September 5th.

Will I be required to wear a mask during practice?

         No, during official practice sessions a mask is not required for athletes and coaches.


Will fans be able to attend sporting events?

Yes, SCU is planning to host fans at our home sporting events. Social distancing guidelines will be in place and guest will be required to wear a mask.


Will team practices be closed?

Yes, only team members will be permitted in the gymnasium during official team practice.