Business Office Offers Scholarship Opportunities to Current SCU Students

BETHANY, Okla. — The Southwestern Christian University business office will offer scholarship opportunities to current SCU students who meet specific criteria by April 26. 

In order for students to gain access these scholarship opportunities they need to enroll in classes in the 2018 fall semester, complete their financial aid forms for 2018-19 and submit scholarship forms before April 26.

See below for detailed instructions.

To qualify for scholarships next year, please do these three things before April 26:


1. Enroll in Fall 2018 classes. Please note the number of hours reflected on your schedule as of April 26 could directly affect the amount of your scholarships. We cannot guarantee the funds will be available to cover any credit hours added after that day, so enroll in all classes that you intend to take for FA-18. Athletes, do not forget to enroll in varsity sports and your individual sport(s) in order to be considered for an athletic scholarship. If you have a business hold restricting your enrollment, please contact the business office to work out payment arrangements before time runs out!

2. Complete your financial aid for 2018-2019. Start by filing your FAFSA by April 26th. Then follow all other instructions provided to you by the financial aid office to ensure scholarships can be applied. Please contact for assistance.

3. Submit scholarship applications when applicable. For a complete list, visit Funds availability may affect your ability to receive a scholarship. If you do not see a scholarship on the My Ledger section of the SCU Student Portal, do not assume that it is in process. It is your responsibility to contact us if something is missing. Failure to contact us before funds run out could be a costly mistake.

Attention Academic Scholarship Recipients: Eligibility for this scholarship will not be verified until after all final grades have been submitted, but completing the steps above will reserve your spot for this scholarship, pending GPA verification.

Please also watch your e-mails for scholarship policy changes and other announcements for 2018-2019 that may affect you.

Please feel free to contact with any questions!