Carley Frymire - Student Spotlight


IMG_0281.jpgSCU is blessed with so many wonderful students! Carley Frymire will graduate this weekend. She will go out into the world empowered to excel and positively impact their world for Jesus Christ. We will miss seeing her on campus, but we know that God will use her in mighty ways. Please meet Carley Frymire!

“Hi my name is Carley Frymire! I transferred to SCU when I was a junior to play basketball. As cliché as it sounds, looking back now, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I grew up going to church, and have always held my relationship with Christ as a priority in my life, but after only a month at Southwestern Christian, I felt that relationship had deepened greatly and I had recommitted my life to Christ during one of our chapel services. One of my favorite things about Southwestern is our chapel band. There are so many talented people on that stage and they create an atmosphere that makes it so easy to connect with God and feel his presence among us. I wasn’t always sure how I would like my Bible classes, but through them I was able to gain a greater understanding about the Bible. SCU also offers many opportunities for student activities, which help us feel more connected and able to meet lots of people outside of class and off the court. I have been involved in Kappa Kappa Pi and the Lady Eagles basketball team where I have met lots of amazing people. Here I met some of my very best friends and I’m so grateful for that. Scholarships have provided a way for me to afford college. I received both academic and athletic scholarships, which not only helped me pay for school, but also helped keep me on track in life. I was forced to be held to a different standard and focus on my schoolwork in order to be successful in both of those areas. I am proud of the degree I have earned and am thankful for the opportunity to represent the university on the basketball court.

Something that I love about Southwestern is how many opportunities they give you to hear the word of God. They also have teachers that pour into you about not only your schoolwork, but even in your walk with Christ. Every professor I have had have created an atmosphere where you feel like they are there for you in anything that you are going through and will genuinely pray for you and your troubles. We also have many opportunities to share God with others. I have found a bible study that I look forward to every week. The mission trip to Colombia was an experience I will never forget, it impacted me deeply and I am so thankful our school offers activities like that. This is one of the unique opportunities that I don’t believe would be possible at most other schools.

I will never forget my time here at Southwestern Christian University. I am thankful for the many opportunities and experiences I have had here!”