Kaley Grisham - Student Spotlight

Meet Kaley Grisham. She is one of the students you will likely run into when visiting Admissions. Although this is her first academic year here, she has already experienced the positive impact of SCU culture, and she is making an impact here as well. 

"I am so very thankful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of a school that I would now consider family. This school has made a huge impact on me in more ways than I can count. Thank you, Southwestern, for the many opportunities you have given me and my future and thank you for helping me achieve my goals and pursue my dreams as a missionary in a world as big as this. Granted, I’ve only been here for a semester, but has been a semester that will forever be remembered. It was one that was very difficult at times, but also very rewarding in more ways than one. I have been able to not only build friendships that will be valued for a lifetime, but I was also able to dig deeper in my relationship with Christ and his plan and call on my life. I will forever remember the moments on campus where I was able to feel God’s presence in ways I’ve never felt it before and even the little laughs and conversations and hangouts I had with my fellow peers in the classroom. I am very blessed to be attending a school that CARES. I look forward to the many more opportunities this school has to offer me and my future."