Minter Serving Macedonia

Dustin('15) and Faith Minter - Serving in North Macedonia


We hope students leave SCU empowered to excel and to positively impact their world for Jesus Christ. 

Dustin and Faith Minter are doing just that. They are sharing the love of Christ with the people they live amongst in North Macedonia. They also are partnering with a non-profit to serve vulnerable children in Bitola. Through the skills God has blessed them each with, they are empowering, loving and serving the vulnerable children within Macedonia and helping in whatever capacity is needed.

Dustin (‘15) graduated from SCU with a Bachelor’s in Biblical Leadership and Faith has a degree in Social Work. 

It would mean a lot to them if you would partner with them in prayer. Praying, not only for them on this journey but also for the country of North Macedonia, the organization LOH that they have partnered with, and especially the children. 

To read more about their work or contact them, visit