Southwestern Christian University Appoints Dr. Wesley C. Lee as Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs


Bethany, OK – Southwestern Christian University (SCU) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Wesley C. Lee as the Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs. President Tom Murray's careful consideration and prayerful discernment have led to this decision, and we are confident that Dr. Lee's exceptional background and unwavering commitment to Christian higher education will bring great value to SCU's academic community.


Dr. Wesley C. Lee's educational journey is marked by significant accomplishments. He earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from Northcentral University in 2018. As a distinguished scholar, Dr. Lee's expertise spans several disciplines, including Behavioral Science, Counseling, Statistics & Research Methods, and Cognitive Development & Critical Thinking. His dedication to his field is exemplified by his role as the Honorary President of the Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Wesley C. Lee Interim VPAA

Beyond his impressive academic achievements, Dr. Lee's contributions to the advancement of knowledge are evident through his numerous publications. Notably, his research has been featured in esteemed journals such as:


  1. Popa, C.O., Rus, A.V., Lee, W.C., Cojocaru, C., Suciu, N., Schenk, A., Văcăraș, V., Olah, P., Mureșan, S., Szasz, S., & Bredicean, C. (2022). The relation between negative automatic thoughts and psychological inflexibility in schizophrenia. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 11(3), 871. Read more...

  2. Popa, C.O., Rus, A.V., Lee, W.C., Cojocaru, C., Suciu, N., Schenk, A., & Grecu, C.G. (2021). Cognitive-behavioral therapy augmented with virtual reality in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders. Health, Sports & Rehabilitation Medicine, 22(3). Read more ...

  3. Popa, C.O., Predatu, R., Lee, W.C., Blaga, P., Sirbu, E., Rus, A.V., Clark, A., Cojocaru, C., Schenk, A., Vacaras, V., Szasz, S., Muresan, S., & Bredicean, C. (2021). Thought suppression in primary psychotic disorders and substance/medication-induced psychotic disorder. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(1). Read more...


Dr. Lee's impressive body of work, combined with his dedication to Christian values and higher education, positions him as an exemplary leader to serve as the Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs at SCU. His passion for fostering academic excellence and spiritual growth aligns seamlessly with the university's mission and vision.


President Tom Murray expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Dr. Lee's vast experience, coupled with his commitment to nurturing both the academic and spiritual development of our students, makes him the ideal choice for this role. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Wesley Lee as he steps into the position of Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs. Together, we are poised to embrace a future of academic distinction and spiritual enrichment."