World Culture Celebration Week

Each year, SCU has had the long-standing tradition of an annual Cultural Dinner which took place each fall.  Over the last two years, the Cultural Dinner has been shifted over to the International Office and I have taken the reigns of this event.  In an attempt to broaden the scope of the Cultural Dinner, I have renamed it World Culture Celebration Week.    


During the week of March 25-29th, the cafeteria will serve a different type of ethnic food from a particular geographical area for lunch each day and a premium dinner of Greek food on March 27th.  


Tuesday, March 26th will be World Culture Celebration Day and our biggest event.

We will meet at 5:30 -8:00 pm come and go style in the Poteet Conference Center.

We will have several activities there.

1.  Students will have made very simple displays from their countries. 

2.  We will have representatives from IPHC mission and other missions that SCU is involved in.

3.  We will have interactive activities to pray for our world.

4.  We will have the opportunity to write a brief encouraging letter to persecuted Christians around the world and send them through the organization Open Doors.

5.  We will share culture and food through hands-on activities.

6. Most importantly, we will package food for Stamp Out Starvation as a campus community service project.  This is one of the most important things we can do.  I need as many student and faculty helping hands as possible.  We want to make a good showing for our university and to help reverse the starvation and death that comes from starvation around the world.


I hope you will consider coming to share culture, think about Christianity around the world, and help feed hungry.  We will take individuals and groups sign-ups for the service work.  I love our world and all the diverse people groups that God created. Christ's love has no borders.  I hope to share the joy I feel from learning about new cultures and serving people around the world with you all.