Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs at Southwestern Christian University seeks to support creating an informed community of learners and educators. It supports and corresponds with all of the academic programs and educational services at Southwestern Christian University. These include the Department of Humanities & Education, the Department of Professional Studies, the Department of Online Professional Studies, the Registrar's Office, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Library Services, and the Center for Academic and Professional Success.  

The Office of Academic Affairs seeks to enhance the academic experience across the Southwestern Christian campus. Not only is SCU continually growing, but our academic programs are continually improving as well. The goal of the Office of Academic Affairs is to grow academic content and make it available to students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and others who are associated with our academics here at Southwestern Christian University.

The Office of Academic Affairs directly supports the mission of SCU, as we educate students for a life of learning, leadership, and service; integrating faith, learning, and living; and empowering our graduates to excel to positively impact their world for Jesus Christ. 

For more information on our growing Christian liberal arts education, we encourage you to browse through our website, call or email the Office of Academic Affairs, or the Office of Admissions. Whether you are a future student or alumni, we would love to answer your questions about Southwestern Christian University and what we have to offer. 

The Office of Academic Affairs is located in the Administrative Office on the main campus of Southwestern Christian University, in Bethany, Oklahoma. Under the guidance of Dr. Wes Lee, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, our staff aims to help with the academic process in any way possible.


Online Learning
Misti Foster, Director of Online Learning


Center for Academic and Professional Success

Stephen Davis, Director of the Center for Academic and Professional Success


Learning Management

Keisha Gordon, Learning Management Administrator/Instructional Designer


Department of Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies


Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review and Assessment Committee


Library Services

Michael Lowder, Director of Library and Learning Resources


Office of the Registrar

Zachary Sherrill, Registrar


Office of Academic Affairs

7210 NW 39th Expressway

Bethany, OK 73008

(405)-789-7661 ext. 3460