Chief Academic Officer

Welcome to Southwestern Christian University!

Our mission is to “equip students for a life of learning, leadership, and service; integrating faith, learning, and living; and empowering graduates to excel and to positively impact their world for Jesus Christ.” Here at SCU, we profoundly believe in the importance of the integration of faith and learning. By this, we seek to ensure the worldview of our students is distinctly anchored in the truth of the Scriptures. To achieve this, we actively seek to infuse our faith in Jesus Christ throughout our campus activities and classroom discussions.

It is our hope that our students experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit as they pursue their educational goals. Regardless of your chosen major and career, we believe every student has a role in ministry. While some students seek active roles as pastors or missionaries, others find their place in ministry as business owners, teachers, or social workers and minister to people who may never otherwise find themselves within a church.

We are unapologetically and unequivocally Pentecostal and informed by our Wesleyan-Arminian perspective, we are determined to offer our students a foundation of knowledge that enables them to fulfill this call. Our faculty and staff reflect our dedication to the intellectual and spiritual needs of our students. Grounded in our faith, we seek to model servant leadership and encourage students to expect excellence of themselves while serving the needs of others.

We are ready to assist you in your academic growth and prepare you for further studies in graduate and professional schools. Moreover, we are here to serve as mentors and resources as you transition into careers in ministry, business, health care, education, mental health, and other industries.         

Wesley C. Lee, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs (Interim)

Chief Academic Officer (Interim)