Institutional Review

Institutional Review Board

As part of the Southwestern Christian University Institutional Review and Assessment Committee (IRAC), the mission  of the function is to protect the dignity, rights, and welfare of human participants in research conducted by SCU students, faculty, mentors, and staff.

Further -

  • Research in which data are collected through the involvement of human participation may not be conducted in the absence of IRB approval.
  • The application should be completed by any SWCU students, faculty, and staff who are planning to conduct any research involving human participants.
  • This includes, but is not limited to: independent research projects, senior papers, and Master's Application Projects (MAP).
  • Any research in which data from human participants will be or has been collected, including secondary use of archived data or surveys, must be proceeded by application to the IRB.

NO RESEARCH involving such sources may proceed unless approved by the campus IRB.


Submission instructions: IRB applications must be submitted to a faculty, advisor, or an administrative staff member at SCU.  If a student will be conducting the research, the course's instructor, student's advisor, or department Chair must submit the student's application to the IRB committee after preliminary approval of the application.

Allow 2- 5 weeks for review of the application. Because you may be required to submit a revised application, allow plenty of time when filing the initial application.  Graduate students please note: for MAP research, an IRB application cannot be reviewed prior to the Proposal receiving approval from the MAP Advisor  and MAP Director.

All participants are guided by the institutional mission and the Southwestern Christian University IRB Standard Operating Policies and Procedures.


1. SCU Application for Use of Human Participant's in Research (IRB Application, 6 pgs.)

2. IRB Informed Consent Checklist (1 pg.)

3. IRB Checklist  ("Do I Need to Submit an IRB Application?", 1 pg.)