Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan Vision 2025

SCU Strategic Plan Summary Report
Overview of the process


Attached above is the latest version of SCU’s 2014 – 2019 Strategic Plan. Clearly this
is a work in progress. There have been extensive hours and strong university
commitment to this work. The fact SCU is a smaller campus has acted as a conduit to
make this process even more inclusive.

In November, 2013, the Strategic Planning Committee (Committee) began
meeting. Since that time the Committee has continued to meet once on month and in
some cases bi-monthly. Beginning in January 2014, the Committee worked on questions
to be used in an on-line survey, focus groups, and interviews with stakeholders. In
February and March, four focus groups were conducted. These included staff, faculty,
Board of Regents members, and the President’s Cabinet members (over 75 individuals
participated in these focus group sessions).

Based on the finding from these focus groups, an online survey was developed
and sent to stakeholders mid-March and April. The survey was distributed to parents,
students, alumni, faculty, staff, and students. Ultimately 117 people completed the online
survey. Finally, interviews were conducted with leaders from the International
Pentecostal Holiness Church Headquarters and in the community.

Once the results were tabulated, a formal presentation was made to university
leaders that included the President’s Cabinet, Board Members, Faculty Leaders, and Staff
supervisors. Based on these findings, university leaders determined four primary goals
should be established. They included Leadership, Learning, Infrastructure, and
Institutional Effectiveness. As a foundation for these goals, the core values of
Scholarship, Spirit, and Service are considered to be highly important in determining the
direction of the plan.

Currently the plan is under construction, so what is attached is our working
document and is expected to be fluid and change as we develop and incorporate valued
pieces of the university’s complete infrastructure.

The overall strategic plan is aligned with SCU’s mission and core values
(Scholarship, Spirit, and Services). The strategic plan consists of four goals drawn from
the findings of the focus groups, survey, and interviews, along with the basic
organizational needs of the university. Within each of these areas, specific activities and
task have been identified. Further, objectives, activities, and tasks are linked to methods
of measurement, the individual responsible, and university core values.