Class Schedule/Final Exam Schedule

Below is the class schedule for traditional undergraduate programs for the currently enrolling semester. Students must meet with their advisors to enroll in classes. Once students are enrolled in classes, they can log in to their portal to see the classes in which they are enrolled and book information.

Current students must clear any and all account holds in order to enroll in and attend classes. If a business hold is placed on a student's account after pre-enrollment but before the official registration period for the pre-enrolled semester, the student may be dropped from any classes in which the student is pre-enrolled.

Students can view details about holds on their accounts through their students portals.

Traditional Students

Semester-long Class Final Exam Schedules


Final Exam Information

The finals schedule for Fall and Spring semesters of the current academic year are found below.

Please note the following important information about exams:

Applied Music Classes

Students enrolled in MUAP private lesson courses (i.e. Voice, Guitar, Piano, etc.) must schedule a jury time with their teacher for the Friday before finals week.

To Schedule Exams at Alternate Times

Faculty and students will not be permitted to schedule exams at alternate times except with the approval of the academic program dean using a Policy Exception form. This permission will be granted only in EMERGENCY situations. Note: airline schedules and parents arriving early to transport you home are NOT emergency situations.


Archived Class Schedules

 Below are schedules from prior semesters for students who might need them as a reference.