For August Graduates

Students who will not have completed all degree requirements prior to the May Commencement ceremony but wish to participate must submit the "Request to Participate in Commencement" application below in conjunction with the "Graduation Application." Before submitting either application, students should confer with their advisors to ensure they are eligible to participate in the upcoming May Commencement ceremony. 

Criteria for eligibility to participate in Commencement

  1. Students are lacking no more than 6 credit hours in both total credit hours required for the degree program (120-130, depending on the student's program) and required courses in the degree program (Note: Adult and FLEX Studies students must have their portfolio hours completed and evaluated before applying for this request.)
  2. Students must have a plan for completing the degree before August 1. Students who cannot provide evidence of completing their degree by August 1, such as enrollment at SCU or another institution, will not be permitted to participate until the following spring Commencement ceremony.
  3. All substitution forms must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and approved for courses to be considered completed. 
  4. For adult and FLEX studies, pending portfolio credit hours must be completed before March 1 to be considered as "completed." 


Request to Participate In Commencement