Graduation Application

Graduation applications are a required part of finalizing degrees at SCU. If students fail to submit a graduation application, the degree conferral might to overlooked or delayed. Below are some questions students should read before applying for graduation. Because a $300 non-refundable graduation fee will be added to the student account as soon as the graduation application is submitted, students should make sure you are ready to graduate BEFORE you submit the graduation application to verify with all certainty you will complete your degree requirements by the date you indicate in the application. (NOTE: Graduation/degree conferral dates are December 30, May Commencement Date (see and June 30.

How Do I Know If I Am Ready to Graduate?

It is the student's responsibility to ensure all degree requirements are met in time for graduation. The advisor cannot be held responsible for delays in graduation.

Students can conduct their own degree audits in one of two ways:

  1. If students were admitted to or declared a major at SCU during or after Fall 2013, a degree audit is available through the student portal. Students may contact the registrar's office with questions related to this degree audit.
  2. Students may also compare their transcript to the degree requirements listed in the Academic Catalog that was in effect when the student entered their current degree program at SCU.

Students should contact their advisor if there are any variations between the transcript and degree requirements of the program listed in the catalog, or if they need help with a degree audit.


Degrees can be conferred only after all degree requirements are met. Incomplete degree requirements will delay degree conferral until at least the next available graduation date. If students are enrolled in classes that end after a degree conferral date (listed above), they will not graduate, have a degree conferred, or receive a diploma until the next available degree conferral date.

To confer degrees, the registrar's office conducts a final degree audit after final grades are submitted. If the student has not met degree requirements, the degree will not be conferred. It will be up to the student to contact the advisor to determine what needs to be done to finish degree requirements.Therefore, we encourage students to carefully monitor their progress toward of the completion degree requirements before applying for graduation.

Where Can I Find the Graduation Application?

Please find the graduation application form by scrolling down on this page.

When Is the Application Due?

Applications are due as follows:

  • December graduate due date is September 30 (no Commencement ceremony)
  • May Commencement
    • December 30: the last day to turn in a graduation application with no fee
    • January 27: the last day to turn in a graduation application with a late fee attached
    • March 10: the last day to turn in a graduation application for degree conferral only (cannot participate in Commencement ceremony)
  • June 30 due date is January 27 (no Commencement ceremony)

Please NOTE: Your degree conferral date is determined by the date you will complete your degree requirements. Once all requirements are completed, your degree will be conferred on the NEXT AVAILABLE degree conferral date as listed above. For example, if you finish your degree requirements on July 30, the next available date for degree conferral is December 30th, which is the date that will be reflected on your diploma and transcripts. You will choose December 30th as your Anticipated Graduation Date on the graduation application.

Students graduating in December are permitted to participate in the following May Commencement.

Students who will have only 6 credit hours remaining after the May Commencement date may be given special permission to participate in Commencement if that they plan to finish those 6 credit hours by June 30th. Students will need to give a detailed explanation to the Registrar their plan to finish the 6 credit hours by June 30th.

What Happens After I Submit the Graduation Application?

A graduation fee of $300 will be added to your student account for the semester you apply to graduate even if you do not plan to participate in Commencement in May. This fee covers administrative costs of Commencement and processes leading to the student's graduation, such as advising and processing degree audits. It is not a fee to pay for regalia. Regalia is given to students who participate in Commencement free of charge. Students who do not participate in Commencement and cannot make arrangements to pick up regalia the week preceding Commencement will not receive regalia.

The graduation fee and all financial obligations must be paid before students can receive regalia, diploma or final transcripts

The Financial Aid office will be sending students information about Financial Aid Exit Counseling, which must be completed before students can receive regalia, diploma or final transcripts.

Students granted permission to participate in Commencement will be considered a part of the class of that Commencement year, even if they graduate in December prior to Commencement.

Where Can I Find Information about Commencement?

Commencement information can be found at

Graduation Application Form

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