Office of Assessment

In serving the Assessment function, the office carries out a variety of institutional level surveys and studies, offers training to faculty and staff on best practices. Administration of the digital assessment software provides the data sets used to inform the university administrators and faculty for the purpose of promoting instructional effectiveness and data-based decision making.

Data Review Process

  1. Institutional Review and Assessment Committee (IRAC) determines needed data, policy, or data information requests can be made by different parties.
  2. Data is retrieved from SIS, CANVAS, or other sources then compiled and formatted into coherent report by OIE or Assessment employees.
  3. Committee reviews and analyzes data reports if required.
  4. Committee formally recommends decisions or changes in writing if required.
  5. Findings and recommendations are disseminated to the appropriate department(s), chair(s), president's cabinet, and/or appropriate parties.
  6. If appropriate data report will be added to the website for public viewing.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Process

  1. Faculty, Staff, or Student presents Request to Conduct Research documents to the Chair of the IRB (Jesse L. Heath, Director of Assessment & Curriculum Design,
  2. The Chair reviews and presents Request to Conduct Research documents to the committee.
  3. Committee approves, denies, or makes addendum to request.
  4. Requester is contacted by the Chair of approval/denial/addendum.
  5. Request of Research is signed by the Chair of IRAC Committee.
  6. Chair follows up with requester on the status of research.
  7. Once research is complete, data is collected and archived with the Office of Assessment.

IRB Form Downloads:

IRB Exemption Checklist (Do I need to submit an IRB Application?)

IRB Application

IRB Policies and Procedures

IRB Informed Consent Checklist