Office of Institutional Effectiveness


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is a Southwestern Christian University administrative service and support unit, incorporating Institutional ResearchAssessmentPlanningAccreditation, and Compliance, operating under the supervision of the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and aligned under the Office of the President.  Its primary purpose is to facilitate the collection, analysis, and interpretation of institutional data and the provision of information to support planning and decision making.  Demonstrated through:

  • Provision of commonly used data in an easily accessible form
  • Collection and dissemination of focused resources intended to enrich our collective understanding of effective processes and methods.
  • Reflection and facilitation of OIE's purpose; i.e., supporting evidence-based planning, decision-making and improvement through a comprehensive program of assessment and institutional research. 

Data Review Process

  1. Institutional Review and Assessment Committee (IRAC) determines needed data, policy, or data information requests can be made by different parties.
  2. Data is retrieved from SIS, CANVAS, or other sources then compiled and formatted into coherent report by OIE or Assessment employees.
  3. Committee reviews and analyzes data reports if required.
  4. Committee formally recommends decisions or changes in writing if required.
  5. Findings and recommendations are disseminated to the appropriate department(s), chair(s), president's cabinet, and/or appropriate parties.
  6. If appropriate data report will be added to the website for public viewing.

To be recognized for providing outstanding resources that support integrative planning and evidence-based decision-making. To ensure high standards of accountability necessary for research, and to maximize institutional effectiveness.

Projects and Involvements

  • Institutional Research 
    • Institutional Data
    • Organizational Chart
    • Quick Facts
    • Fact Book
    • Data Reports 
      • IPEDS
      • OSRHE
      • HLC
      • ACT
      • NACCP
    • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Assessment 
    • Program Review
    • NSSE Survey
    • FSSE Survey
    • Retention Rates
    • Admission Rates
    • Graduate Survey
    • Alumni Survey
    • Graduate Students
  • Planning 
    • Strategic Plan
    • University Student Learning Outcomes Plan
    • Facilities Master Plan
    • Technology Plan
    • Co-Curricular Plan
    • Committees
  • Accreditation 
    • HLC Liaison Office
  • Compliance 
    • Title I
    • Title II
    • Title IV
    • Title IX
  • Policies 
    • Administrative
    • Facilities
    • Financial
    • Personnel
    • Procurement and Auxiliary Services
    • Research
    • Safety and Security
    • Administrative Units
    • Administrative Calendar
    • Staff Directory
    • Compliance Hotline