Table of Contents

1.x    Governing Bodies and Policy Stakeholder 
2.x    Board of Regents 
3.x    University Accountability 
4.x    Academic Affairs 
5.x    Athletic Affairs 
6.x    Fiscal Affairs 
7.x    University Advancement and Development 
8.x    Student Life 
9.x    Systems and Resources 
10.x   Human Resources 
11.x   Plant and Property

Governing Bodies and Policy Stakeholder

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Assessment Policy     
   President's Cabinet     
   Standing University Committees     
   Governance Structure   Fall 2017 

Board of Regents

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Academic Affairs Subcommittee For BOR    
   Action without Meeting    
   Advisers and Directors for the BOR    
   Annual Meetings    
   Appeals to the BOR    Under Review
   Board of Regents    
   Board Responsibility    
   Business and Finance Committee    
   Clerks and Agents    
   Conference Representation on BOR    
   Conflict of Interest    
   Contracts and Services    
   Contracts with the University    
   Corporate Power of the BOR    
   Eligible Members    
   Enrollment Management and Student Development Subcommittees for BOR    
   Ethical Principles to the BOR    Under Review
   Ex Officio Members    
   Executive Committee for BOR    
   Executive Limitations    Under Review
   Executive Review of Financial Audit    
   Executive Session    
   Exempt Activities    
   Financial Reports to the BOR    
   Fiscal Year    
   Governance Style for the BOR    Under Review
   Guidelines for Presidential Selection    Under Review
   Honorary and Advisory Directors    
   Honorary Award Committee    
   Institutional Advancement subcommittee for BOR    
   Investments Subcommittee for BOR    
   Legal Counsel    Under Review
   Mail, Email, and Electronic Ballots    
   Member Qualifications    Under Review
   Monitoring and Review by the BOR    Under Review
   Nominating Committee    
   Nondiscriminatory Policy    
   Notice of Special Meetings    
   Officers of the Board    
   Officers, General Authority of the Chair    
   Other Members    
   Policy Development and Procedure for the BOR    Under Review
   Presidential Selection    
   Presidential Powers    
   Presidential Succession    Under Review
   Procedure and Order of Business for BOR    
   Procedure for Appeals    Under Review
   Qualifications of the President    Under Review
   Quorum and Majority Vote BOR    
   Removal for Cause of Officers and Hearing    
   Removal of the President    
   Role of the Board of Regents    
   Roll of the President    
   Selection and Election of the President    
   Selection of BOR Members    
   Special Committees    
   Special Meetings    
   Standing Committees    
   Sub-Committee of the Business and Finance Committee    
   Tenure of Officers    
   Tenure of the President    
   Termination of Office for BOR    
   Termination of Reason for Cause    
   Vacancy on the BOR    
   Virtual Meetings    

University Accountability

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Annual Budget-Assets    
   Articulation Agreements    
   Educational Partnerships    
   Federal Compliance    
   Policy Development for Univ. Accountability    
   Policy Exception - University Accountability    
   Press Interview Policy 2017    
   Strategic Plan    

Academic Affairs

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Absences Of Instructors Policy    
   Academic Alert Policy    
   Academic Council    
   Academic Dishonesty, University Response To    
   Academic Freedom    
   Academic Probation And Suspension Appeals    
   Academic Program Evaluations    
   Academic Program Review    
   Academic Regalia    
   Addition And Deletion Of Course Policy    
   Adherence To University Policies    
   Adjunct Faculty Pay Scale    
   Admissions Requirements- Traditional    
   Appointment Of Summer Session Faculty Policy    
   Center For Student Success Policy    
   Chapel And Activity Attendance Policy    
   Class Attendance Policy    
   Class Devotions Policy    
   Classroom Decorum Policy    
   Classroom Observations    
   Commencement Participation - Grad Studies    
   Committee Work Policy    
   Council Of The Deans    
   Course Cancellation    
   Course Development And Implementation Policy    
   Course Schedules    
   Course Substitution    
   Course Syllabi Policy    
   Credit Hour, Course Audit    
   Credit Hour    
   Curriculum Changes    
   Department Chair Responsibilities Policy    
   Director Of Institutional Review And Assessment Policy    
   Director Of Library Services Policy    
   Disabilities And Accommodations    
   Dismissal And Appeal Of Faculty Policy    
   Examination Policy    
   Faculty Annual Review    
   Faculty Appearance Policy    
   Faculty Contracts - Adjunct    
   Faculty Contracts - Full-time    
   Faculty Contracts - Part-time    
   Faculty Duties & Responsibilities Policy    
   Faculty Portal Policy    
   Faculty Rank Policy    
   Faculty Ratio And Size    
   Faculty Resignation Policy    
   Faculty Senate By-laws    
   Faculty Senate Constitution    
   Faculty Termination    
   Faculty Workload    
   Faculty--basic Standards Policy    
   Field Trips Policy    
   Grade Appeals    
   Grade Change Policy    
   Grade Submissions Policy    
   Grading Guidelines Policy    
   Grading Policies And Guidelines Policy    
   Graduate Council    
   Graduate Curriculum Revision    
   Graduate Curriculum    
   Graduate School Of Ministry    
   Inappropriate Fraternization Policy    
   Incompletes Policy    
   Instructional Resources-information Technology Policy    
   Instructional Resources-library Policy    
   Instructional Resources-media Center Policy    
   IRB Procedures    
   Minimum Grade Requirement For Graduate Studies    
   New Degree Program    
   Non-reappointment Policy    
   Office Of Assessment    
   Office Of The Registrar    
   Outside Employment And Business Interests Policy    
   Overload Teaching    
   Policy Development And Procedure For Academic Affairs    
   Policy Exceptions For Academic Affairs    
   Professional Ethics Policy    
   Program Assessment    
   Program Prioritization    
   Punctuality Policy    
   Qualifications Of Christian Studies Faculty    
   Research Support Policy    
   SCU Textbook Adoption and Affordability Proposal    
   Selection Of Full-time Faculty    
   Selection Of Part-time Faculty    
   Sponsor Activities Policy    
   Standards Of Styles For Research Papers Policy    
   Student Attendance Policy    
   Student Learning Outcomes Policy    
   Summary List Of Responsibilities Policy    
   Teaching Load Policy    
   Teaching Methods Policy    
   Teaching Responsibilities Policy    
   Textbook Policy    
   Textbook Selection Policy    
   Transcript Credit Evaluation And Transfer    
   University Academic Scholarship Policy    
   Visitors And Guest Speakers In Classroom Policy    
   Work Week-office Hours Policy    
   Writing Center Policy    

Athletic Affairs                                         

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Annual Review Of Coaching Staff    
   Athletic Program Evaluation    
   Faculty Athletic Representative    
   Introduction of New Sports    
   NAIA Standards    
   Policy Development and Procedure For Intercollegiate Athletics    
   Policy Exception - Intercollegiate Athletics    
   Selection Of Coaching Staff    
   Student Recruiting Selection Criteria    

Fiscal Affairs                       

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Billing Process    
   Budget Requests    
   Contract Renewal    
   Mission of Hope Scholarship    
   Professional Travel Requests Policy    

University Advancement and Development            

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Donor Privacy    
   Gifts In Kind    

Student Life                              

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Checking Out    
   Disabilities and Accommodations RAF    
   Disabilities and Accommodations    
   Disciplinary Action    
   Drugs, Alcohol, And Tobacco Policy    
   Facility Use    
   Food Services    
   Housing Age Requirement    
   Housing Contract    
   Housing Damages    
   Housing Evictions    
   Housing Noise    
   Housing Restrictions    
   Personal Property Housing    
   Policy Development And Procedure    
   Request For Accommodations (RAF)    
   Spiritual Life    
   Student Complaints Procedure (non-academic)    
   Student Grievance Procedure In Cases Of Alleged Discrimination    
   Student Handbook    
   Student Services    

Systems and Resources    

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Document Retention and Disposal    
   Facility Use    
   Mail Service Policy    
   Photocopying Service Policy    
   Policy Exception - University Accountability    
   Print Approval Policy    
   Purchasing and Purchase Order Procedures Policy    
   Style Guide    

Human Resources

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Absenteeism Policy    
   Affirmative Action Policy    
   Application Policy    
   Chapel and Staff Meeting Attendance   
   Community Service Policy   
   Dependent Scholarship Policy    
   Employee Absenteeism    
   Employee Cafeteria Meal Policy    
   Employee Disciplinary Action    
   Employee Evaluation    
   Employee FERPA Training    
   Employee Tardiness    
   Employee Training    
   Employee Tuition Fees    
   Employee Visitors    
   Employment Application    
   Employment Vacancies    
   Equal Opportunity Policy    
   Grievance Procedure    
   Group Insurance     
   Hiring Staff Positions    
   Hiring Vice President    
   Holiday Leave    
   Job Review and Evaluation Policy    
   Jury Leave    
   Leave With Pay Policy    
   Leave Without Pay Policy    
   Leaves Of Absence    
   Lifestyle Covenant Policy    
   Lifestyle Statement Staff    
   Maternity Leave Policy    
   Medical and Dental Insurance Policy    
   Ministers Self-employment Option and Housing Allowance    
   Normal Work Week    
   Outside Employment     
   Pay Increase Or Decrease    
   Payroll Procedures Policy    
   Personal Leave    
   Personnel Files    
   Physical Injuries    
   Possession Of Firearms    
   Retirement Plan    
   Retirement Program Policy    
   Severance Pay    
   Sexual Harassment Policy    
   Sick Leave - Staff    
   Social Security Policy    
   Social Security    
   Special Notes    
   Staff Compensation    
   Staff Loyalty    
   Staff Meetings    
   Staff Personal Appearance    
   Staff Termination    
   Standard Employee Behavior    
   Supplies Policy    
   Telephone Service Policy    
   Tuition Abatement Policy    
   Tuition Waiver For Dependents    
   Vacancies Policy    
   Vacation Leave    
   Visitors Policy    
   Voting Leave    
   Worker's Compensation    

Plant and Property            

Policy #  Name  Review Schedule 
   Access to Institutional Activities Policy    
   Classroom Appearance and Maintenance Policy    
   Classroom Assignment Policy    
   Closed Circuit Cameras    
   Disruptive and Obstructive Behavior    
   Inclement Weather Policy    
   Keys and Distribution of Keys Policy    
   Mailbox Policy    
   Maintenance Requests    
   Office Space Policy    
   Pets on Campus    
   Posting of Signs and Posters    
   Telephones Policy    
   Use of Office Equipment Policy    
   Use of SCU Facilities Policy