Department of Christian Studies

The Christian Studies Department functions as the cornerstone of the Christ-centered curricula at Southwestern Christian University, offering the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees. Within these degrees, students select majors in Biblical Studies, Intercultural Studies, or Pastoral and Youth Ministry.

In accordance with the mission of Southwestern Christian University, the Christian Studies Department's mission is to develop servant leaders with a thorough biblical foundation, which along with Christ-like character will enable students to influence their careers, congregations, and culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the Christian Studies Department is committed to preparing students for pursuing graduate studies and life-long education.


Department of Christian Studies Student Learning Objectives

• Identify, appraise, and engage critical issues in philosophical, theological, sociological, historical, and comparative methodologies of the study of religion and contemporary societies.

• Evaluate religion on the basis of the Christian canon (Holy Bible), reason, tradition, and experience, and defend Christianity through a Wesleyan-Armenian theological perspective.

• Explain an apologetic for diverse worldviews of a variety of philosophical, religious, and theological systems.

• Appraise religious texts, tenets, and traditions, and communicate this analysis logically, coherently,

concisely, and clearly, both in oral and written forms.

• Create professional goals in areas of learning and teaching that will be priorities of further study and inquiry for life-long learning and/or graduate study.


Academic Programs

Biblical Studies (B.A.)

Christian Leadership (B.S.)

Intercultural Studies (B.A.)

Christian Ministry/Biblical Literature (B.A.)

Degree Program Sheets

 Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

 Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership

 Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

 Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies

 Minor in Christian Service

 Minor in Missions