Department of Humanities and Sciences

Mission Statement

The Department of Humanities and Sciences promotes the formation of a Christian conscience through critical reflection upon the literature and history of the West, through ethical analysis of praxis in sport and leisure, and through the acquisition of mathematical truths and empirical methods.  We foster servant-leaders equipped to think reflectively about the social, cultural, and historical foundations of our complicated, pluralistic world with the purpose of conveying the love of God, neighbor, and self in the workplace and at home.


Department Description

The Department of Humanities and Sciences is the home of General Education and offers a variety of degree options in English, History, and Sports Studies.  Thanks to General Education, all Southwestern Christian University (SCU) students pass through our department.  We are dedicated to teaching you the art of critical reflection, how to communicate wisely, graciously, and clearly, and when to deploy specific forms of analysis to specific contexts.

Our Sports Studies degree programs leading to a Bachelor of Science emphasize the interconnectedness of practice and theory.  Courses from our two concentrations in kinesiology and physical education are designed to give you the skills needed to work in sports ministries, camps, gyms, and clinics.  They also prepare you for entry into graduate studies in physical therapy and sports administration.

Our Humanities degree programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts are dedicated to developing an intellectual framework so that you can engage the world as a thoughtful and reflective Christian citizen.  Courses in English and History focus on developing your ability to write and think analytically.  They also provide you the cultural and historical knowledge to better interpret the present moment.  Many of our English and History students have gone on to become teachers and graduate students.

Our class sizes are small and our instructors are readily available to you.  If you need or desire more one-on-one attention, you will receive it.  The smaller class sizes and student-to-faculty ratio means that you have many opportunities here for in-depth discussions with highly educated and interested faculty. 

SCU’s Christian heritage and its Pentecostal Holiness identity emphasize the importance of each individual as loved and valued by the Creator, and it is our purpose to send you into the world ready to practice loving kindness as thoughtful global citizens.


Degree Program Sheets

 Associate of Arts

 Bachelor of Arts in English

 Bachelor of Arts in History

 Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

 Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies