B.S. in Christian Leadership

_OPS Degree Social Media Posts_nowatermark  (3).pngThe Christian Leadership major focuses on the administrative issues and special training required for effective leadership in ministry environments. It emphasizes biblical, theological, and pastoral leadership training. 

Every student completing the Christian Leadership program will be able to:

  • Assess leadership models used within organizations and the impact those models have on the development of organizations.
  • Communicate, in writing, biblical and theological academic research that addresses concerns within the community of faith.
  • Interpret Scripture using Grammatical-Historical exegesis.
  • Formulate a personal, philosophy of leadership consistent with the biblical worldview and apply this to his or her own leadership within contemporary society.
  • Demonstrate basic competencies for leading as a ministry associate who is sensitive to various populations



BIBL 3000-4000 Upper Division New Testament 
BIBL 3000-4000 Upper Division Old Testament 
HIST 3113 Church History I 
HIST 3123 Church History II 
HIST 3133 Pentecostal History 
ICST 2803 Comparative Religions 
PMIN 3913 Biblical Discipleship 
THEO 4013 Christ, Culture and the Church-Capstone

BUSN 3343 Principles of Servant Leadership 
BUSN 3413 Organizational Communication 
BUSN 4513 Decision Making and Problem Solving 
MGMT 3213 Principles of Management 
MGMT 3413 Organizational Behavior 
NPAD 4213 Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations 
PMIN 3513 Legal Issues in Ministry 
PMIN 4013 Leadership for the 21st Century 
PMIN 4233 Church Administration or CHED 4033 Leadership for Christian Ed. 
PMIN 4413 Strategic Planning 
PSYC 2003 Effective Learning Strategies 
SOCL 4403 Conflict Management and Resolution


This major equips the student with the tools necessary to minister successfully in the twenty-first
 century. It accents the development of personal character and human relational skills. This degree
 also prepares the student for graduate studies.


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