Online Student Resources

At Southwestern Christian University we strive to provide the same exceptional academic quality and helpful resources to our Online Professional Studies students as we do our Traditional students. Follow the links below to learn more about the resources available to you.


TeresaBittle.jpgTeresa Bittle: Academic Coordinator for Online Professional Studies 






 Academic Resources

Accreditation Catalog Library SWCU Student Portal * Prior Learning Credit 

 Financial Resources

Financial Aid * Scholarships * Satisfactory Academic Progress Explanation

Services for Students

Bethany Campus Map * Complaint Procedures * Disability Support Services 

SCU Student Email * Instructional Video for Setting Up Email *

SCU Student Portal * Instructional Video for Setting Up Student Portal

SCU Merchandise 

Common Forms

Add-Drop Form * Graduation Application * Transcript Request Change of Major 


Southwestern Christian University Online Student Complaint Procedure

Southwestern Christian University aims to resolve each issue presented to ensure that each individual is treated fairly and in accordance with all Southwestern Christian University policies, procedures and standards of conduct. Students who desire to resolve a grievance should follow the University’s student grievance procedure found at the University website and in the Student Handbook. If you have not been able to resolve your problem through these established avenues and need assistance with concerns related to your University experience – academic or nonacademic, please contact the Vice President, Department of Student Engagement and Success.

If a student has gone through the university grievance procedure but feel the issue cannot be solved by the university, a complaint may be filed with Southwestern Christian University’s accreditation entity, The Higher Learning Commission (HLC).
The Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago IL 60604
Instructions for filing a complaint with the HLC can be found here.

Complaint Resolution by State
Students located outside of Oklahoma while enrolled in Southwestern Christian University may also choose to contact the appropriate higher education entity in their state. Click here for a list of each state’s higher education agency.