Tuition and Fees - Graduate Studies

2021-2022 GRADUATE SCHOOL - Bethany Campus


Tuition †

Full Time/Part Time (per credit hour)*



General Fee (per semester)*


Assessment Fee (per semester)*


Facilities Fee (per credit hour)*


Technology Fee (per semester)*


Campus Resource Fee (per credit hour)*


Student Services Fee (per semester)*


Wellness 7 Fee (per semester)


Graduation Fee (per degree)


Athletic Fee (per semester)


Late Registration (one time)


Administration Fee (per semester)


*Required of every student
† Tuition and fees listed are for classes starting between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022

Other school activities may result in additional fees.


PAYMENTS - 405-789-7661 X2206

All students are required to accept financial responsibility and select a payment plan through completing the SCU Student Financial Agreement form. First payments must be made by the first payment due date in order to be authorized to attend classes. 

All tuition and other charges are due on the first day of the month classes begin, unless a payment plan is selected. A payment method of cash, check or VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express will be accepted. Students are responsible for checking their account balance through My Ledger on the student portal. Payments may also be made online through the student portal.

Payment plan options and due dates can be found here.

All charges for students taking less than 6 credit hours per semester must be paid in full at the beginning of each class



Please be aware that dropping class(es) may affect your financial aid eligibility such as scholarships, loans and grants, resulting in an amount due to the University. Consult the Financial Aid and Business Offices before deciding to drop a class to be informed of the affects that dropping a class will have on your student bill.

**Please refer to Graduate Studies attendance policy.


Students are responsible for acquiring the appropriate textbook(s) for each course. A third party is partnering with Southwestern Christian University to provide textbook solutions for SCU students. Students may use financial aid or charge books to their SCU student accounts by requesting a book voucher from the Business Office before the last day to charge textbooks. 


Please feel free to contact the Business Office with any questions! | 405.789.7661 | 1.888.418.9272 | Fax: 405.495.0078