Residence Halls

East Hall 

Constructed in 2001, the East Hall (often referred to as the Glasshouse), is a co-ed residential facility that includes separate floors for men and women. This facility offers a commons area and patio area for students to gather and socialize. The East Hall is also where one of the full-time Residence Life staff members (Resident Director) calls home. The RD apartment is located on the first floor, just through the commons area.

Photo of East Hall
Photo of Bell Student Center

Bell Student Center

The Bell Student Center, or “Bell” for short, is our oldest residential facility and holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of SCU Alumni that have called this facility home throughout its history. The Bell Center is in the shape of a block “U” with each of the outer wings, Irvin & Light, being designated for males and females respectively. The commons area in the middle that connects the two residential wings is where this facility gets its name, and is called the “Bell Student Center.”

Irvin Hall

Named for an early contributor to the institution, Irvin Hall houses male students.

Photo of Irvin Hall
Photo of Light Hall

Light Hall

Named for an early contributor to the institution, Light Hall houses female students.

North Honors Hall

Completed in 2011, this three story, multi-purpose facility provides housing accommodations for both male and female students on the second and third floors, while also providing classrooms space as well as a conference center for special campus or community events.


Photo of North Honors Hall
Learning and Living Center

Learning and Living Center (LLC)

Completed in August of 2016, our newest residential facility is located at the south end of campus and will house over 100 students. The “living” wing of this multi-purpose facility serves as a co-ed residence hall (females on the first floor, males on the second and third floors) while the “learning” wing provides faculty offices and classrooms.

Also located in the LLC are the Housing and Residence Life and Security offices (first floor), while the Center for Academic and Professional Services (CAPS) is located in the basement that also serves a tornado shelter large enough for the entire residential student population.