Adopt an Eagle

At Southwestern Christian University, we are experiencing a time of great excitement and growth. We are attracting more students than ever before, our sports teams are reaching new heights, and our students are making an impact on the world. So that we can continue to offer our students the very best, we are asking our friends and alumni for help. This is why we are launching our Adopt an Eagle campaign.

As part of this campaign, we are asking you for a monthly donation of $30. Proceeds from the Adopt an Eagle campaign will directly fund our scholarship programs, which allow so many of our students to experience the outstanding Christian liberal arts education that SCU offers.

One of SCU’s most prominent characteristics is our diversity. We have over 80 international students from 35 different countries. Many of these students rely heavily on scholarships. Whether they’re from Malawi or Australia, they come to SCU to learn and grow in the Lord. Many domestic students rely on scholarships, too. As we attract a higher standard of student, there is a higher demand for academic scholarships. To meet the increasing demand for scholarships, we need your help.