Annual Heritage Fund

The Annual Heritage Fund is a distinct fund with the vital purpose of making SCU more affordable for students.

The cumulative effect of donations from alumni, parents, and friends of SCU enable students to receive the financial assistance they need to pursue a Christ-centered higher education. This also enables you to give to areas of SCU that interest you!

The SCU Fund is your gift — added to thousands of others — enabling all of SCU to move forward together.

Not only do students need financial assistance, but the areas they are involved in need monetary support too! Each year, gifts to The Annual Heritage Fund help make SCU more affordable to students in the following areas of Academics, Experience, and Scholarship.

As the cost of an exemplary Christ-centered education increases, we are focused on continuing to make SCU more affordable.  SCU provides institutional scholarships that support students in academics, athletics and ministry – The SCU Fund is our way of connecting you to supporting SCU students too!

Your gift of any size adds to our ability to benefit more SCU students!