SCU Portal

     The student portal is where you as a student can check your Ledger, Financial Aid, or any part of your account on the internet without needing to call.

      We now have two ways that you can access the student portal:

1. The first way is the traditional method through the computer.

2. The second way is our mobile system. It works very well with your Android or iOS phones/tablets.

Student Portal

Student Mobile Portal 

Pay My Bill

     Passwords for Student portal will be provided to the student during their Admission process.

     If you forget your password please email the Admissions Dept. at:


   ...And the Admissions Dept.  will reset your Student portal password. 


Faculty Portal:

      If you do not have a faculty portal or have never accessed your portal, you will need to contact the Academic Affairs office or send an email to:


for further information.

Click here to access the Faculty Portal.