SCU Portal Instructions

Student Portal Instructions

 Getting Started: Access your student portal by going to: You will need to get a portal login and password from the Admissions office of the program you are enrolled in. Please note that the login and password are both case sensitive. Once you login, you will be on the “Home” menu. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to change your password. 

Changing your password:From the Home menu, click on “Change password” in the top left corner of the screen (under your name). This will bring you to a screen where you must enter your old password, as well as create a new password. Please note that your password requires at least one upper case letter [A-Z], one lower case letter [a-z], and one number [0-9], No spaces, and the password must be a minimum of six (6) characters long. Click “change” and your password will be updated. 

Changing your Contact Information: From the Home menu, click on “Edit Profile” in the top left corner of your screen (under your name). From here, you can change your address, phone, and email information. Click “Submit” to change information. Please note that the FLEX Studies office still needs to be notified if you want this information changed in your file for mailing purposes (etc.) 

Course Offering: By using the filters, you can see all classes offered in FLEX Studies 

Degree Audit: This function is disabled.

Registration: This function is disabled.

My Transcript: By clicking on “My Transcript,” you can view and print an unofficial copy of your student transcript. This allows you to keep track of what courses you have completed, the credits that have transferred, final course grades, etc. Please note that you will not be able to view your transcript if you have a business office hold. 

My Schedule: By clicking on “My Schedule,” you can view your schedule of classes for the semester. 

My Ledger: By clicking on “My Ledger,” you can view the balance, if any, on your student account. Please note that accepting and declining financial aid will affect your balance. To pay your balance, you will still need to contact the business office at: (405) 789-7661. Please note: You can also track when you will receive your refund on the student portal.  Under my ledger if your financial aid says “pending,” your funds are not here yet, and the Business Office does not know when it will arrive.  When a date appears beside the financial aid, it has arrived.  When you have received enough financial aid that it creates a true credit balance (on statement total line) the check will be sent two weeks after that date.  All checks are mailed, not picked up.  

My Financial Aid: By clicking on “My Financial Aid,” you can view any grants or loans awarded to you for the semester. Click on “accept” or “decline” for each award you receive Click “submit” at the bottom of the page. Please note: If your award package includes student loans*, and you are accepting them, then you will be required to complete Loan Entrance Counseling and an (MPN) Master Promissory Note. You may do this by going to  (If you are a returning student and have already completed this step from a previous year then you do not have to repeat it again.) *Please also note: If you do not want to take out the full amount of loans on your award package you can send a written request. Your request can come by email (   Just state the amount that you would like to receive. (Example:  I (insert name) would only like to take out only enough student loans to zero out my balance.) 

My Grades: You can access your final grades by clicking on “My Grades,” and selecting “final grades.” Please note that final grades will only show on your portal once your professor has submitted them to our office for review. Please note that you will not be able to view your final grades if you have a business office hold. 

My Housing: Not applicable to FLEX Studies.

Course Management-My Courses: Click on “My Courses” on the left side of the Home screen. This will take you to a list of the classes you are enrolled in for the semester. Click “select” next to the course you would like to view. This will take you to the “Course Options” page. This page will allow you to view items that the professor has made available to you (please note that if it says “not enabled” you will need to contact your instructor to set your access). 

Obtaining your Syllabus: Go to the “Course Options” page by clicking on your class in “My Courses.” Click on “Course Documents” to view/download your syllabus.  Please note that if you get a message that “there are no documents posted for this course at this time,” your instructor has not yet posted a syllabus for the course. 

Getting your Professor’s Contact Information: Go to the “Course Options” page by clicking on your class in “My Courses.” Click on “Faculty Contact Information” to see how to contact your professor for a given course. Please note this information may be posted on the syllabus instead. 

How to Track your Attendance: Go to the “Course Options” page by clicking on your class in “My Courses.” Click on “My Attendance” to track what days you have been absent, tardy, or present. Please note that this information will be used by the FLEX Studies office to track your class attendance. Therefore, if it is incorrect, you will need to discuss it with your professor as soon as possible. 

How to Upload an Assignment Document: Go to the “Course Options” page by clicking on your class in “My Courses.” If your instructor has requested that you upload an assignment document onto the portal, then click on “Upload Documents.” From here, you can view the assignments your instructor has posted. To the right of the assignment, you can click to upload a document for that assignment. You can also “view” previously uploaded documents. 

How to View Assignment Grades: Go to the “Course Options” page by clicking on your class in “My Courses.” Click on “View assignments and Grades.” If your instructor has created assignments on the portal, and posted a grade for them, then you will be able to view your score. Please note that instructors are not required to post individual assignment grades. 

How to View Course Announcements: 

Go to the “Course Options” page by clicking on your class in “My Courses.”

Click on “Course Announcements.”

Your instructor may choose to utilize this function. If so, please make sure you check it regularly for course updates from your instructor.