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Student Email

SCU uses GMail's education suite. Click the link above to login.

Student Academic and Billing Portal20 Graduation.png

The student portal is where you as a student can check your Schedule, Ledger, Financial Aid, or unofficial transcript of your account on the internet without needing to call.

Student Mobile Portal Version13 Computer.png

This link is for the Mobile version of the student Academic and Billing portal. It is optimized for mobile device usage.  *There may be some academic features not available under the mobile version.


Canvas Course Portal Canvas

Canvas is our Learning Management Course System where you will go for all of your class syllabus and see and submit class assignments.

If you do not know your password, it will be your Student ID number in the top left hand corner of this page. "A000000####"

How to Login and Use Canvas Tutorial

If you need some assistance with logging in or using Canvas, use this Tutorial!


Pay My Bill28 Calcutor.png

The easiest way to pay your bill is through the Academic and Billing Portal, however, you can also use the link above. If you forget your password please email or for your password to be reset. 


Textbooks Link to purchase textbooks online

Southwestern Christian University is proud to announce a new partnership with MBS Direct’s Student Savings Initiative. 

Together with MBS Direct, the decision has been made to lower prices on textbooks and course materials that will save students more money than ever on their textbooks. MBS Direct offers the most efficient and convenient way to shop for course materials, and their Students Savings Initiative is the ultimate way that schools can save their students money. 

Check out Southwestern Christian University’s Online Bookstore here today to see exactly how much you will save!