SCU Spiritual Life Purpose Statement

The Office of Spiritual Life purposes to provide opportunities for students to develop their relationship with Jesus through prayer, worship, and discipleship.  We strive to develop godly men and women who are equipped by the Word and empowered by the Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God.

The Office of Spiritual Life is committed to the development of the whole person (Luke 2:52).  SCU's goal is to prepare students to minister in whatever career they choose.  Our intentional approach to this preparation for living is the educational curriculum and the Spiritual Life Program of the campus, which help students understand God, themselves, and the world around them. 

A vital focus of SCU is to prepare men and women for fruitful service.  We are committed to servant leadership, and we believe that it is developed out of one's personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is our objective for each student to understand that servant leadership is manifested through our love for Him and our love for others.

The Office of Spiritual Life is committed to facilitating the opportunities for each student to experience, in a personal way, the life-changing power of God.  It is our goal to involve each student so that they may take responsibility for their spiritual growth while providing appropriate support and accountability.

Therefore, SCU is committed to the spiritual life program called Koinonia.  If you have any questions about SCU's Spiritual Life Program, please contact, Dean Brad Davis, at 405.789.7661 ex 2219.