Clubs and Organizations

A student club or organization is defined as any group of students who organize themselves around a common purpose and are not otherwise funded through the university budget. SCU clubs and organizations focus on a range of areas from academics, spiritual/ministry, outreach, creative arts, civic engagement, pre-professional, social, entertainment, etc. 

Southwestern Christian University is proud of the diverse organizations that it has to offer to the student community.  Participation allows students to develop their leadership skills further and enhance social growth to complement their academic life. Clubs and organizations are open to all students and participation is encouraged.  A club is governed by a constitution, supervised by a faculty advisor, and has a purpose compatible with that of the mission of the University.  

If you have any questions or would be interested in joining one of SCU's clubs or organizations or would like to start a club or organization, please fill out our form to get started:


SCU Club and Organization Proposal