Incoming Students Q and A

I've been accepted, but am I ready to attend Southwestern Christian University?

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What is the first step for registering with the Office of Disability Service?

Students registering with the Office of Disability Services must complete a Request for Accommodation Form (RAF). The RAF is a single page form that requires basic SCU student information and allows the student to briefly describe how the disability affects him/her in an academic environment. Possible accommodations are checked, a student signature is required, and the form is sent or hand-delivered directly to the Office of Disability Services, Basement - LLC, FAX: 405-495-0078. A completed RAF must be submitted to the Office of Disability Services before each semester the student is enrolled.

If I had an IEP in high school, do I receive all the same accommodations at Southwestern Christian University?

No. Supporting documentation, along with a recent IEP (if available), is reviewed by the Director of the Office of Disability Services. Accommodations offered in higher education under the ADA are very different from those offered in K-12 under IDEA. Under the ADA, each student must fulfill all the requirements of the course and the major. For example, extensions to assignment deadlines or adjustments to the course curriculum, including attendance requirements, are not available to any university student as an accommodation.

What type of documentation do I have to provide to the Office of Disability Services to receive appropriate accommodations?

Documentation can vary, depending on the disability. What is consistent is that all documentation must be compiled and signed by a licensed professional. Documentation may include, but is not limited to, a psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, specialized therapist, or family physician.

Is my documentation confidential?

Yes! All documentation is housed in the Office of Disability Services and is not shared with any other office or department, on or off campus, without student signed permission.

Do my professors know I am registered with the Office of Disability Services?

If the students are asking for and approved to receive classroom accommodations such as extended test time, each professor for students’ current semester courses are informed of eligibility for this accommodation with an Accommodation Letter. Receipt of this letter by the professor confirms student enrollment with the Office of Disability Services and the academic accommodation MUST be offered. However, each faculty member has the personal choice of how the accommodation will be carried out unless the letter explicitly states otherwise.

 What kinds of accommodations are offered at the University level?

All accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis and are regulated by mandates under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans With Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA). Examples of appropriate accommodations at the university level include extended test time, alternate testing site, a reduced distraction testing environment, enlarged print for exams, and use of a reader/scribe for exams. Other accommodations may include note-taking services, and books in alternate format (PDF), and access to the adaptive equipment in the CAPS Computer Lab.

Do I have to purchase adaptive software to bring to campus?

Students who routinely use adaptive software benefit by having their copies on personal, portable technology; however, the purchase of all specialized adaptive software or hardware, such as ergonomic keyboards or track-ball mice, is a personal choice and personal responsibility.

How can I schedule an appointment to meet with someone in the Disability Services office?

Appointments to meet with the Director of the Office of Disability Services are scheduled through the department at 405-789-7661 x2293.

Where is the Office of Disability Services located on campus?

The basement of the Learning and Living Center (LLC) is the home to the Office of Disability Services at Southwestern Christian University.

What are other support services available to me?

The university offers many support services to enrolled students. These include the Center for Academic and Professional Success (CAPS), a university-wide peer tutoring program, the Student-Athlete Academic Support Program, Student Counseling resources, and other departmental academic support and advising/coaching opportunities.