High School to College

There are major challenges and opportunities as a student transitions from High School to College or University. They can be faced and overcome. 

Some major differences:

  • High School was probably in a public setting where costs were covered by taxpayers.  In a college or university, even with scholarships or grants, more of the financial burden rests with the parents and/or student. Thiis often makes it even more important that attention is paid to doing well in courses.
  • In High School there may have been people who 'nagged' you to get work done, get up for classes, etc. In a college or university there is an awareness that the student is a young woman or young man who has a need to develop their own sense of responsibility, establish priorities, and manage their time.

As a young man or woman entering college or university from High School, many conflicting activities will attempt to distract from the primary task.  The primary task is getting an education and developing the skills necessary for a productive and positive future. 

The student - now more than ever before - must take ownership in their own success. 

Do not be afraid to seek out help, utilize all available resources open to you, keep your syllabi handy, and calendar your life for maximum success!

Indicator of Student Success

Research reveals that students who use their campus library frequently, reading widely and deeply, will do better in their courses than those who do not. Visit the campus library often and utilize its resources and professional staff.

Springer Learning Center Library


Plan to meet a couple of times each semester with your advisor.