Department of Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Department provides basic instruction to those desiring a position in the church as a minister of music, worship leader, choir director, or accompanist. Students are also prepared for basic performance in piano, voice, or guitar. Students will also be introduced to the areas of teaching, building private studios, evangelizing, recording, and producing.
Majors offered through the Creative Arts department are:

Music Performance (B.A.)

Music Worship Studies (B.A.)


Music program graduates should know the following:

• Elements of the language of music: notation and analysis of pitch, rhythm, harmony, timbre, texture, form,

and terminology applicable to instruments and voices;

• Characteristics of artistic tone production, expressiveness, precise articulation, and correct performance

practices of one's major instrument or vocal concentration, and competence in one's minor instrument;

• Fundamentals of music theory and practice of the tonal musical periods and basic concepts of

contemporary styles: harmony, texture, voice-leading, transposition, and modulation;

• History of Western musical styles and forms from the medieval to contemporary periods, including secular

and sacred masterworks for solo voices, instruments, chamber, and large ensembles;

• History of World musical styles, elements, performance media, and forms;

• Elements and principles of leading others to an understanding of music as an art form, as a means of

communication, and as a part of intellectual and cultural heritage;

• Influence of the Christian church on the history and practice of music;

• Principles and assessment of ideas, methods, and policies, in the arts and in music education for impact on the musical and cultural development of students.

Degree program sheets

 Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance

 Bachelor of Arts in Music Worship Studies

 Minor in Music