Resident Life

Living on Campus Leads to Academic Success

Living on campus is a unique experience for every student as it provides an atmosphere where students will be challenged to grow as they build meaningful relationships with their peers. According to a recent study conducted by the Department of Residence at Iowa State University, students who live on-campus have a higher graduation rate compared to their peers residing off-campus. Along with a higher graduation rate, the study found that living on campus during the first year resulted in a higher return rate and an increased improvement in academic performance. 

At Southwestern Christian University, the Housing and Residence Life staff is committed to student development, and our staff is equipped to ensure that all residential students are provided with the optimal learning and living environment during their stay on campus. Our Housing and Residence Life staff consists of The Director of Housing/Resident Director and nine student staff members called "Resident Assistants."


Our Directors



Kaylee Bishop Pic.jpg

Kaylee Bishop

Director of Student Life / Female Residence Director

Education: Master of Human Relations, University of Oklahoma; Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling, SCU

Kaylee is the Director of Student Life, as well as the Resident Director. Prior to taking the position as RD, Kaylee served in the Academic Affairs Office for two years. She is very excited to be a Resident Director because she desires to create an encouraging and home-like atmosphere for all residential students in addition to providing fun activities for students across campus. Kaylee served as a Resident Assistant her Junior year at SCU, and she remembers how influential this time of her life was and is eager to work with her Res Life staff to create the best campus experience ever.

Fun facts about Kaylee:

  • Kaylee’s favorite animal is a sloth and she got to hold one for her 24th birthday!
  • Kaylee is fluent in quotes from The Office, How I Met Your Mother and Boy Meets World.
  • Kaylee and her husband, Jamin, met on a missions trip to Guatemala. The girls had to have a guy with them while walking around the outdoor shopping center, so Kaylee grabbed Jamin and called him her “bartering buddy.”





student life jace.jpg

Jayce Cravens 

Director of Housing/Male Resident Director

Education: Bachelors of Science in Sports Management, SWCU.


My name is Jayce Bailey Cravens, I am from Seminole Oklahoma, graduate of Seminole high school class of 2014. I am the youngest of 3 brothers. I attended Seminole State College for 1 year before attending SWCU. During my time at SWCU I played basketball for 4 years and earned a bachelors degree in sports management in the spring of 2019. After my time at SWCU I accepted a job for the OKC Thunder as a Youth Basketball Coach and as the assistant coach at Seminole State for the men’s basketball program. I am excited to be apart of student life here at SWCU and serve as the Men’s Resident Director. During my 4 years as a student at SWCU I built relationships with people that will last a lifetime, I plan to do the same here as the men’s residents director. 


Fun facts:

  • my favorite food is Mac n Cheese, preferably my mother’s. 
  • I wear a size 15 shoe.
  • I love 90s sitcoms. The Fresh Price of Bel-Air, Wayans Bros., Smart Guy, The Jamie Foxx Show, etc. 
  • Favorite quote to date: “Our example in public of grace and humility to serve Jesus is what is contagious” 



Our RAs

Each residential facility has a student Res Life Staff member in charge of each of its hall. These individuals conduct meetings every month to relay information to the other residents about upcoming announcements for the university. They are a resource for the students in their hall for tasks such as conflict management, unlocking student’s rooms in the event someone gets locked out, maintenance requests, planning fun hall events and much more.


Sam Hill - LLC 1st Floor RAonlycoolcollegestudentsusepicturesoftheminlettermanjackets.jpg

My name is Sam Hill, and I'm from Florence, South Carolina. I'm currently a sophomore at SCU and my major is Christian Studies with a focus in Pastoral Ministry. Growing up, my parents were pastors and I never wanted to become that but God had other plans. I plan to pursue pastoral ministry and I may even plant a church someday, but at the moment I am going wherever God leads me! I am into anything that involves superheroes, trucks, or good music. At SCU I've easily found a great group of friends that have helped me grow in my relationship with God and I am very thankful for the atmosphere on campus!


Fun facts:

  • I've lived all over South Carolina and I even lived in Wichita, KS for a few years of my life.
  • I always said that I would never come to SCU because it was too far from home but God had other plans for my life.
  • I am genuinely one of the most sarcastic people that you will ever meet, I have been this way for my entire life. 


Jake Risinger -LLC 2nd Floor Assistant RArisingerRA.jpg

My name is Jake Risinger. I grew up in Madisonville, Texas and I am a junior here at Southwestern Christian University. I have grown up playing baseball and dreamed of playing college baseball. Southwestern Christian University gave me that opportunity and I am very grateful to be here! I spend a lot of time at the baseball field, the weight room, and hanging out with friends at the school. I am studying to become a pastor and wanting to use what I learn to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world! Southwestern has not only helped me in my faith, but has been a home to me away from home. I love the atmosphere and love the family I have made while being here! I am always happy to help people, so feel free to ask!

Fun facts about Jake:
  • I am a big Houston Astros fan.
  • I once zip-lined over a rainforest in Costa Rica.
  • I preach at a rehab facility in my hometown.


Colton Skero  - LLC 2nd Floor RA (2020-2021 RA of the Year)supercoltonRA.JPG

My name is Colton Skero. I grew up in Cut and Shoot, Texas, and I'm a senior here at Southwestern. I grew up playing baseball but ended up coming to Southwestern as a member of the bowling team. I am also a member of SCU's One Voice group. I spend pretty much all of my free time bowling or playing videogames. I am a business major with a concentration in accounting. The atmosphere of SCU has definitely made being away from my family easier. I am always happy to help people, so feel free to ask.

Fun facts about Colton:

  • My dog's name is Mr. Wiggles, and he loves to eat Starbursts.
  • My favorite color is seafoam green.
  • I enjoy trying the hottest hot sauces I can find.



Cassidy Dewitt - LLC 3rd Floor RAcassidyRA.JPG 

Hey everyone! My name is Cassidy DeWitt and I’m from Tuttle, Oklahoma! After taking some time off to travel after graduating in 2017 I ended up here at SCU in the fall of 2019 and have been here ever since! I am majoring in early childhood education and plan on becoming a certified early childhood educator. I aspire to be the kind of teacher that has a long-lasting impact on their students' lives! I have three semesters left here at SCU and I am excited to see what all is in store for me over the next year and a half! I am looking forward to my second year on the ResLife team and I am excited to meet so many new people and to continue to build community here at SCU!


Fun Facts:

  • When I was little I fell off monkey-bars and I got an acorn cap stuck in my forehead.
  • I can wiggle my ears.
  • I don’t know how to whistle.



Kendyll Harris - LLC 3rd Floor Assistant RAKendyll Harris.jpg 

Hello my name is Kendyll Harris I currently play softball here at SCU. I enjoy getting to know new people.


Fun Facts about Kendyll:

  • Agriculture was and still is a major part in my life also.
  • I am so excited to see what this year brings to all of us here at SCU!! GO





Tristen Schwim - Glass House/East Dorm 1st Floortristen_schwim_1738_mgl.jpg ​​

Hey guys, my names Tristen Schwim and I am from South Africa. I grew up in a small town called Pietersburg and graduated high school there. I finished my first degree at the University of Pretoria and then decided to spread my wings and move to the other side of the world. I am currently a junior here at at SCU and have made wonderful memories and even better friends along the way! SCU has taught me a lot about myself and has helped my greatly with my spiritual life. Golf brought me over to Oklahoma, but I think the people around me might make me want to stay here. Everyone always says that home is where your heart is and I must say that my heart has grown to love the people at this school. 


Fun Facts about Tristen:
  • I’ve been to 3 continents before.
  • I am a huge sucker for chocolate chip cookies.
  • I have 6 dogs back home


McKenna Buchfink - Glass House/East Dorm 2nd FloormckennaRA.jpeg


Hey y’all, My name is McKenna Buchfink, I’m from Weatherford Texas and I am a sophomore here at SCU. This year I will be the RA in the glass for the girls. I’m also apart of the women’s soccer team. Some things I enjoy doing is meeting new people, hanging out with friends, being competitive, and having a fun time wherever I’m at. I am always down to go get a bite to eat or a smoothie :) So excited to meet everyone!! #goeagles

Fun facts about McKenna:

  • I lived in Germany
  • I hate every condiment except bbq sauce
  • My eyes sometimes change from green to blue based on what I’m wearing



Dalton Herrera - North Dorm 2nd FloordaltonRARA.JPG

My name is Dalton Herrera. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada but moved to Houston, Texas as I got older. I am currently a junior here at SCU. I was raised playing as many sports as possible, but my one true love is baseball. I came to SCU to be a part of the baseball team. My main hobbies are baseball, cornhole, and video games. If you are ever looking for me, I am more than likely on the baseball field or playing cornhole. I am pursuing a degree in Physical Education, Health and Safety, but I want to continue my education after SCU and possibly go to Law School. I have enjoyed every second on campus, and if there is anything you need, feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns.

Fun Facts about Dalton-

  • Baseball is fun.
  • Cornhole is the best sport ever created. 
  • I cannot count to three because I only gave two fun facts (haha website guy!)



Abby Sherrill - North Dorm 3rd Floor RAABBYRA.jpg

Hi, My name is Abby Sherrill. I am from Texas and Oklahoma...mostly Oklahoma at this point. I am an English Education major and hope to teach high school english once I graduate. This is my Junior year. If you ever need to know a funny story about the Dean of Students I may have one or two of those. Family is a big part of my life and I absolutely adore my 3 nephews.


Fun Facts about Abby:

  • I love to read
  • I am a big fan of Stardew Valley and enjoy playing games on  my Nintendo Switch in my downtime
  • I did not write my Res Life Bio but website guy did a good job.