Resident Life

Living on Campus Leads to Academic Success

Living on campus is a unique experience for every student as it provides an atmosphere where students will be challenged to grow as they build meaningful relationships with their peers. According to a recent study conducted by the Department of Residence at Iowa State University, students who live on-campus have a higher graduation rate compared to their peers residing off-campus. Along with a higher graduation rate, the study found that living on campus during the first year resulted in a higher return rate and an increased improvement in academic performance. 

At Southwestern Christian University, the Housing and Residence Life staff is committed to student development, and our staff is equipped to ensure that all residential students are provided with the optimal learning and living environment during their stay on campus. Our Housing and Residence Life staff consists of The Director of Housing/Resident Director and nine student staff members called "Resident Assistants."


Our Director




Dreama Rivas

Resident Director

My name is Dreama and I am the Resident Director at SCU. I am a 2013 graduate of Southwestern with a degree in Intercultural studies. I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University. SCU is special to me as my brother and dad are also alumni, and I met my husband on campus during my freshman year. Prior to being the RD, I worked at Bethany Children's Health Center as a Medical Unit Clerk in the Transitional Care Unit.

When I was a student, I lived on campus during my Junior year and loved every second of it. My roommate was the RA, and I saw how influential she was in the community building of the hall. I am excited to now be the RD and help my RAs create a home-like atmosphere for the students on campus! I have an amazing team of Resident Assistants around me and we are thrilled to help and serve the SCU students in any way that we can!

Fun facts about Dreama:

  • I have 2 dogs, a toy poodle named Oliver and a 12-week-old Australian Shepherd named Leo
  • Other than the US, I have lived in 3 other countries - England, Hungary, and Chile. Hungary was my favorite!
  • I love planning trips for others so much that I became a travel agent last year! Watching and helping others go on their dream vacations is one of my favorite things!





Our RAs

Each residential facility has a student Res Life Staff member in charge of each of its hall. These individuals conduct meetings every month to relay information to the other residents about upcoming announcements for the university. They are a resource for the students in their hall for tasks such as conflict management, unlocking student’s rooms in the event someone gets locked out, maintenance requests, planning fun hall events and much more.


Jake Risinger -LLC First Floor Men's RArisingerRA.jpg

My name is Jake Risinger. I grew up in Madisonville, Texas and I am a junior here at Southwestern Christian University. I have grown up playing baseball and dreamed of playing college baseball. Southwestern Christian University gave me that opportunity and I am very grateful to be here! I spend a lot of time at the baseball field, the weight room, and hanging out with friends at the school. I am studying to become a pastor and wanting to use what I learn to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world! Southwestern has not only helped me in my faith, but has been a home to me away from home. I love the atmosphere and love the family I have made while being here! I am always happy to help people, so feel free to ask!

Fun facts about Jake:
  • I am a big Houston Astros fan.
  • I once zip-lined over a rainforest in Costa Rica.
  • I preach at a rehab facility in my hometown.



Gage Clark - LLC 2nd Floor Men's RAgagereslife.PNG

My name is Gage Clark, I am the RA of the 1st floor of the LLC. My hope for this new year is to grow in new ways, and to inspire and be inspired by the people around me!


Fun facts about Gage:

  • I own a Playstation 5.
  • I did not actually catch the fish in my bio picture
  • I did not give 3 fun facts about myself to the website guy.




Kenny Love - LLC 2nd Floor Assistant Men's RAKlove.jpeg

My name is Kenny Love. I love Jesus and the things of God. I am a sophmore here at SCU. I work in the admissions office here, am a part of ResLife, SGA, One Voice, Chapel Band, and The Awakening.


Fun facts about Kenny:

  • I love music
  • I struggle to text and talk at the same time
  • My nickname is like the radio station, K-Love



Faith Andrew- LLC 3rd Floor Women's RA FaithA.JPG

Hey y'all! I'm Faith Andrew, a junior from Texas City, TX. I'm a Psych major hoping to 1 day start a group home for orphaned teens in Houston. I have a passion for teaching and leading younger ladies; I strive to be the mentor I wish I had at their age. Therefore, my goal as an RA is to be a leader that provides a fun, Godly, and homey environment. Being 7 hours from home, I understand the importance of creating a strong community life on campus. I also serve in SGA & KKP, so I'd love to help you get plugged in! I'm always happy to help support any and every Eagle on their journey at SCU!

Fun facts about Faith:

  • I've backflipped off a cliff in AZ.
  • I once jumped off a bridge in FL.
  • I LOVE talking about personality tests



Shelby Blackwell- LLC 3rd Floor Women's Assistant RAShelby B.jpeg 

My name is Shelby Blackwell, and I am from Tuttle, Oklahoma. I am a jr majoring in Early Childhood Education and hope to teach kindergarten. On campus, I work in the admissions office, as well as serve as teh Treasurer for the Student Government Association. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, babysitting, going to church, and spending time with my family, friends, and my boyfriend Gage.


Fun Facts about Shelby:

  • I have a long hair chihuahua named Boomer Jack
  • I cheered for 13.5 years
  • I broke my back freshman year





Sam Hill - North Dorms 2nd Floor Men's RASamH.jpg

My name is Sam Hill, and I'm from Florence, South Carolina. I'm currently a junior at SCU and my major is Christian Studies with a focus in Pastoral Ministry. Growing up, my parents were pastors and I never wanted to become that but God had other plans. I plan to pursue pastoral ministry and I may even plant a church someday, but at the moment I am going wherever God leads me! I am into anything that involves superheroes, trucks, or good music. At SCU I've easily found a great group of friends that have helped me grow in my relationship with God and I am very thankful for the atmosphere on campus!


Fun facts:

  • I've lived all over South Carolina and I even lived in Wichita, KS for a few years of my life.
  • I always said that I would never come to SCU because it was too far from home but God had other plans for my life.
  • I am genuinely one of the most sarcastic people that you will ever meet, I have been this way for my entire life. 




Sebastiao Ribeiro- North Dorms 2nd Floor Men's RASebR.JPEG 

I am a sophomore and the Alternate RA in the North 2nd floor. I was born in Zimbabwe and came to the United States in January 2022. I study Business Administration and play Soccer


Fun Facts about Sebastiao:

  • I play bagpipes
  • I sing classical music
  • I support Liverpool FC (YNWA)



Savannah Harris- North Dorms 3rd Floor Women's RASavannahH.jpeg 

My name is Savannah Harris and I am from Dunn, North Carolina. I am a senior and majoring in Human Services. On campus I am involved in SGA, SAB, One Voice, The Awakening, and Psych Club. I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing board games, and taking trips to Braums!


Fun Facts about Savannah:

  • I was homeschooled
  • I can't do a cartwheel
  • I can juggle



Holden Koontz- Glasshouse First Floor Men's RAHoldenK.JPG 

My name is Holden and I gave the website guy my picture but I'm 'hold'n' off on giving my bio and fun facts about myself. I think the website guy is a comedic genius.


Fun Facts about Holden:

  • I happen to think Gage does the best Dobby impersonations
  • I play baseball
  • I have memorized the first 57.5 digits of Pi




Abrie Carruth- Glasshouse 2nd Floor Women's RAAbrie C.jpg 

Hey Y'all! My name is Abrie Carruth. I'm a sophomore at SCU, and the RA for the Glasshouse 2nd floor. I'm from Mustang, Oklahoma. My major is Christian Leadership. I've grown up in a big family so I can't wait to bring a family atmosphere into my hall. I love helping others, so if you ever need anything let me know!


Fun Facts about Abrie:

  • I have never ridden a rollercoaster
  • The car I'm currently driving is my 3rd car
  • I love Oklahoma sunsets