Resident Life

Living on Campus Leads to Academic Success

Living on campus is a unique experience for every student as it provides an atmosphere where students will be challenged to grow as they build meaningful relationships with their peers. According to a recent study conducted by the Department of Residence at Iowa State University, students who live on-campus have a higher graduation rate compared to their peers residing off-campus. Along with a higher graduation rate, the study found that living on campus during the first year resulted in a higher return rate and an increased improvement in academic performance. 

At Southwestern Christian University, the Housing and Residence Life staff is committed to student development, and our staff is equipped to ensure that all residential students are provided with the optimal learning and living environment during their stay on campus. Our Housing and Residence Life staff consists of a Director of Housing (DOH), Male and Female Resident Directors (RDs), and nine student staff members called "Resident Assistants."


Our Directors

Zack Sherrill Picture (1).jpg
Zachary Sherrill
Director of Housing/ Male Resident Director 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling – Southwestern Christian University 
Prior to his current role as a Director of Housing, Zack spent a year as the Male Resident Director, attended professional development conferences focused on Housing and Resident Life, and expanded his knowledge and understanding of the administrative and logistical aspects involved with housing operations at a small university. Prior to his time in Residence Life Zack served in the billing/business office at Southwestern for six years both as a work-study student and later as a full-time Accounting Technician. Zack also served on the Residence Life staff as a Resident Assistant (RA) during his time as a student and uses that experience to relate to the Residence Life staff he supervises, as well as the students living in the residential facilities that he manages on a daily basis. As an alumnus of Southwestern, Zack has witnessed the recent incredible growth of the university first hand, and he is excited to serve both returning and incoming students during their journey at Southwestern.

Fun facts about Zack:

  • I have completed the saltine challenge on multiple occasions.
  • I took this job, in part, because I was tired of my wife, who teaches in an elementary school, coming home with cooler stories than I came home with.
  • I'm widely considered to be the world's okayest boss.


Kaylee Bishop Pic.jpg

Kaylee Bishop

Director of Student Life/ Female Residence Director

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling

Kaylee is the Director of Student Life, as well as the Resident Director. Prior to taking the position as RD, Kaylee served in the Academic Affairs Office for two years. She is very excited to be a Resident Director because she desires to create an encouraging and home-like atmosphere for all residential students in addition to providing fun activities for students across campus. Kaylee served as a Resident Assistant her Junior year at SCU, and she remembers how influential this time of her life was and is eager to work with her Res Life staff to create the best campus experience ever.

Fun facts about Kaylee:

  • Kaylee’s favorite animal is a sloth and she got to hold one for her 24th birthday!
  • Kaylee is fluent in quotes from The Office, How I Met Your Mother and Boy Meets World.
  • Kaylee and her husband, Jamin, met on a missions trip to Guatemala. The girls had to have a guy with them while walking around the outdoor shopping center, so Kaylee grabbed Jamin and called him her “bartering buddy.”


Our RAs

Each residential facility has a student Res Life Staff member in charge of each of its hall. These individuals conduct meetings every month to relay information to the other residents about upcoming announcements for the university. They are a resource for the students in their hall for tasks such as conflict management, unlocking student’s rooms in the event someone gets locked out, maintenance requests, planning fun hall events and much more.



Jimmy Fermin- LLC 1st Floor

Hello, my name is Jimmy Fermin, and I am from Marble Falls Texas. I came to Southwestern Christian University in the year 2015 to continue my passion for playing soccer while obtaining a higher education. I come from a large family with a Mexican and Native American background. In having a large family, you can imagine the regular weekend gatherings that brought love and laughter, as well as the huge spread at our dinner tables (yum). The family vibe at SCU is something no other school compares to, making such a big move easier. Whether I needed guidance or a listening ear, my classmates and even professors at Southwestern Christian University have never let me down. SCU is my family away from home, and I hope to keep that family feeling in my hall!


Fun facts about Jimmy:

  • I like all genres of music
  • I've started my own training LLC - Irreplaceable Player F.T.
  • I'm reigning karaoke champion 2012-2018????????



Blake Blackwell Picture.PNG

BlakeBlackwell- LLC 2nd Floor

My name is Blake Blackwell. I am from Tuttle Oklahoma. I am a sophomore and I am pursuing a human services degree in criminal justice. My plan is to become a police officer in the Oklahoma City area after I attend the police academy. I like to help people and I think I will be able to serve God and the community through my job. I currently attend the Life Church in Mustang and I love it there. My hobbies and passions include deer hunting, duck hunting, and fishing. I like to be outdoors anytime I can be. 

Fun facts about Blake:

  • My favorite color is blue.
  • My favorite movie is Lonesome Dove
  • My favorite candy bar is Heath.


Rachel Schwartz Bio Pic.jpg

Rachel Schwartz- LLC 3rd Floor

Though I was born in Jacksonville, Florida, I grew up in Belgium with my family. SCU was a huge culture shock to me, but I found some of the greatest people in this close-knit university and couldn’t think of going anywhere else for my undergrad in Psychology. While at Southwestern, I ran the mid-to-long distance on the track team, worked in the business office, and served as a Residence Assistant for the LLC. In the future, I hope to move back to Europe to continue my education with my Master’s while also doing whatever God wants of me. In the meantime, I truly love getting to be involved with my SCU family and am willing to help any student, staff, and faculty in any way possible.


Fun Facts about Rachel

  • As a contestant at SCU's fear factor, I ate two live worms and took it like a champ
  • I listen to Justin Timberlake on the daily and I'm a firm supporter of his solo career from NSYNC
  • One of my life goals is to fill my passport with stamps from every continent


Dawson Jones Picture.JPG

Dawson Jones- Bell Center Irving Hall

My name is Dawson Jones, I grew up in and around Dallas, Texas and have lived there my whole life. I loved playing any and all sports as a kid but baseball always stood out to me. I have played baseball ever since I was little and played baseball at Southwestern for two years. I went to high school for a year or two before becoming homeschooled. Being homeschooled those last two years was great because I get to tell people I was the valedictorian. Some of my hobbies include hanging out with anybody who is around, sleeping, eating, watching tv shows, and playing video games. I also love helping other people so if you ever need anything feel free to ask; I’m a yes man for sure.


Fun Facts about Dawson:

  • My grandpa owns some crazy animals that he lets roam around his farm. Some of these include lemurs, parrots, and an ostrich
  • I am half Dutch and know some of the language as well.
  • I was valedictorian in high school.



Kayla Douglas - Bell Center Light Hall

My name is Kayla Douglas; I am a first-year senior at SCU. I grew up around Raleigh, North Carolina. I spent most of my time going to the beach growing up in NC, but I have loved every second of living in OKC despite the lack of beach scenery. Some things I enjoy are playing tennis, going to concerts, playing piano, playing with any dog I see, eating Chick-Fil-A waffle fries as often as I can, and binge-watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. My goal in life is owning as many golden doodles as I can afford, and obtaining a degree in occupational therapy after finishing my degree in Kinesiology here at SCU. I plan on buying my first golden doodle puppy in July, so if you would like to make a donation, it would be greatly accepted. That's all for now, bye.


Fun Facts about Kayla:

  • I'm scared of cotton balls (no joke they freak me out)
  • I'm running my first half marathon in April (please pray for me)
  • I've been to 12 countries, and plan on being fluent in Spanish by the end of 2019 (so if you see me, talk to me in Spanish and help ya girl out).


Judah Whitman.jpg

Judah Whitman- Glass House/East Dorm 1st Floor

Though I am originally from Shawnee, Oklahoma, I have lived most of my life in a small town called Columbus Grove, Ohio. I am currently on the Men’s Golf team, which golf is one of my many passions along with soccer and music. I came to SCU because I wanted to pursue a degree in Pastoral Ministry/ Biblical Literature and because SCU has given me a platform to pursue my calling in Christ. I am in my second year at SCU, and I love and appreciate the environment and culture here. I also serve on SCU’s chapel band team in which I sing and play guitar. Playing golf, soccer, guitar, singing, watching movies, and drinking lots of coffee are some of my favorite things to do.


Fun Facts about Judah:

  • I am a HUGE fan of the soccer team Liverpool FC
  • I remember people’s birthdays freakishly well
  • I know all the lyrics for every song in The Phantom of the Opera


Katie Bennett Photo.JPG

Katie Bennett- Glass House/East Dorm 2nd Floor

Hellooooo, my name is Katie Bennett and I’m a sophomore here at Southwestern. My siblings have attended SCU since 2012 so it’s always kind of felt like a home away from home. I came to SCU to pursue a psychology degree, but later in life, I plan to attend dental school and become a pediatric dentist. I love deep talks about Jesus, frozen peas, chapstick, books, animals, and hammocks. SCU has brought me many friendships, and I hope that my position as an RA helps me grow closer to others and have a closer walk with Christ. (ps, I make bomb hot chocolate so if anyone ever wants some). 

Fun facts about Katie

  • I probably know more about Elvis than Elvis knew about Elvis
  • I will win any chocolate eating contest ever (try me)
  • My eyes change colors so much my mom doesn’t even know what color they are


Ish Mejia Picture.jpg

Ismael Mejia- North 2nd Floor

My name is Ismael but I usually go by Ish, Isma, Ishma, Ishmael, etc. etc. etc... I am from Riohacha, Colombia, but came to America about four years ago for high school and college. I am 21 years old and a senior at Southwestern Christian University majoring in International business which I hope to execute here in America. I love God, music, serving, dark Colombian coffee and close relationships with people. I am glad of having the opportunity of being an RA for ResLife 18-19, which will be an experience of responsibility, service, and personal growth for me and testimony to others.

Fun Facts about Ismael:

  • I don’t care if you mispronounce my name, just make sure it’s close enough
  • I can eat lots of sweet yogurt and Hawaiian rolls
  • I have never seen a star wars movie in my life


Tommi Littlejohn Picture.JPG

Tommi Littlejohn- North 3rd Floor

I am a bluegrass loving, food eating, sleep taking kind of girl. Most importantly, I live to worship and serve the Lord God. He is the ultimate reason why I am even a student at Southwestern. I am here to get my Bachelor's degree in worship arts, which is music and ministry combined. Music is where my heart has been for all of my life, and since 2015, God has placed the call to ministry into my heart. With that comes a lot of responsibility. I am thankful to be an RA in the ability to serve others, the school, and the One who truly deserves it all.

Fun Facts about Tommi:

  • I am obsessed with succulents
  • I like sheep and goats
  • I play the fiddle