Awards and Hall of Fame

Alumnus of the Year

The Alumnus of the Year Award is to honor outstanding alumni who have impacted their world through spirit, scholarship, and service. Those eligible are SCU alumni. The recipient must be someone who has integrated faith, learning, and living to excel and to positively impact their world for Jesus Christ.

2022       Paul Abner

                   Travis Williams

2021       Danny Nix

2019       Brian Hill

                   LaDonna Scott

2018      Roger Raglin

                  Becky Thompson

2017      Jean Robert Laine

2016      Shandra Youell

                  Josh Gamble



2013       Max and Jessica Barroso


2011       David Oxley, Sr.

2010       Dwight Burchett

2009       David Burrows

2008       Rita Tate

2007       Roger and Mary Gorman

1996       Tom Murray

1991       Samuel Alan Murr

1988       Wayne Crane

1987       Dan Beller

1985       Laban West

                   Lynn Holly Pate

1984       Greg Whitlow

                   Thelma McDowell

1983       Mary Burchett

                   David Oxley

1982       Arman Stephens

                   Bea Vavak

1981       Sarah Honeywell

                   Edward Rhodes

1980       Bob Ely

                   Carol Gray

1979       James R. Pennington

                   Velda Hough

1978       Leroy Baker

1977       Don Williams

1976       Dwight Burchette

1975       Jim Eby

1974       Bill Anderson

1973       Robert Hall

1972       Horace Ward, Jr.

1971       Harold L. Brooks

1970       Duie Jernigan

1969       Robert H. Hough

1968       Dan Beller

1967       Carl Hamilton

1966       Richard Honaker

1965       Scott T. Muse, Jr.

1964       Douglas Jernigan

1963       Bill W. Mash




Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is to honor those who have produced a lifetime of service to the church or community through business, government, sports, entertainment, education, etc., and whose impact is seen through tangible evidence. Those eligible are SCU alumni/friends and community leaders. The recipient must be someone who has lived a life of achievement through service, business, or career while demonstrating Christian character and ideals.

2019       Ernest Trueblood

2018       David L. Oxley, Sr.

2017       Laban West

2016       Leroy Baker

2015       Lonnie Rex

2014       Wallace Hamilton

2013       Deedee Springer

2012       Robert Mashburn

2009       Ed Woods

2008       Jack Goodson

2007       Oral Roberts

2004       WR Corvin




Dan Beller Legacy Award

The Dan Beller Legacy was established in 2011 to honor those who have made a lasting impact on the Kingdom of God and left a legacy that will affect generations to come. Those eligible are SCU Board of Regent members, IPHC officials, and SCU alumni/friends/faculty. The recipient must be someone who has demonstrated Christian character and leadership in service that has produced tangible evidence in individuals or organizations bringing an impact to the Church or Community for today and the future.

2019       James Eby

2018       Bob Ely

2017       James Leggett

2016       Ron Moore or Frank Tunstal

2015       Dwight Burchette

2014       Frank Tunstall

2013       MW Murr

2012       Hugh Morgan

2011       Dan Beller


Spiritual Impact Award

2019       Laverne Murr

2017       Otis Garrison

2016       Steve Ely

                   Norman Wilkie

2008       Bob Townsend


Southwestern Christian University's

Hall of Fame Recipients


Sports Hall of Fame

2012        Mark Arthur - Men's basketball coach; Athletic Director

2008       Jon Chasteen – Men’s basketball player (1997-2001)

2007       Eric McCarty – Men’s basketball player (1993-1997)

                    Princeton Johnson-Mitchell – Men’s basketball player (1996-2000)

2006       Arlon Beadles – Men’s basketball coach (1966-1974)

                   Jerry W. Boone – Men’s basketball coach (1970-1981)

                   Otis Garrison – Men’s basketball player (1972-1975)

                   M.W. Murr – Men’s golf coach (1958-1974)


SCU Fine Arts Hall of Fame

2019       Sybil Williams

                   Larry Benson

2018       Danny Wells – Songwriter

                   Kirk Sullivan - Musician