Garry Vavak - Alumnus Spotlight

Alumnus Garry Vavak is working tirelessly to help SCU update our alumni records and find lost alumni in order to increase communications with those have been impacted by their time here at the university.  Garry attended Southwestern Bible College from 1956-1958 but had to leave school when he joined the military. His wife, Bea, three daughters, two sons-in-law, and a granddaughter have graduated from the University.

During Garry and Bea’s time here, they developed friendships with ten other couples. He said they have remained as close as family all these years. When asked why he is willing to volunteer so much time to this project, his reply was “because the university means so much to me.”

If you have not received communications from the university in a while or have moved lately, we would love to hear from you and get your new information. You can update your information here, or to get a hold of Garry send emails to