Master of Ministry

Employees_praying_with_student.JPGThe twenty first century is the most advanced age in history, but effective biblical leadership has never been more needed. The Master of Ministry in Leadership is designed to equip those called to lead with the tools to move people toward God’s agenda. Our leadership degree is designed to prepare and challenge leaders to rise to the level of their calling. Our students are shaped by skilled practitioners in the field of leadership, and by excellent academic training. Wanting to learn leadership? Then this program is for you.

The Master of Ministry is a 36 hour degree providing students with skills necessary to evaluate ministry processes, strategic planning, and biblical truth. The degree also addresses such areas as graduate level research, critical thinking and the writing processes for graduate research. It incorporates practical solutions to the 21st century ministry challenges.  Courses may be taken in any combination of modular, one night per week, or online.

Potential Careers: Pastor, Christian Administrator, Christian Educator, Church Planter, Missionary Outreach, Disaster Ministries


Program Requirements 



RESC 5803 

Research Methods - co-requisite with orientation 

BIBL 6213 


THEO 5103 

Theological Foundations of Ministry 

THEO 5303 

Pentecostal Theology 

LEAD 5763   

Leadership and Spiritual Development 

LEAD 5923  

Conflict Management Skills 

PMIN 5103

Urban Ministry

PMIN 5723

Church Planting and Renewal

PMIN 5853

Contemporary Communication

PMIN 5101 

Special Topics in Ministry (seminar) 

PMIN 5201 

Special Topics in Ministry (seminar)

PMIN 5301  

 Special Topics in Ministry (seminar)

The following courses would be pre-requisites to enroll in the program:

BIBL 6403

Old Testament

BIBL 6413

New Testament

 Total credit hours required for Master of Ministry Degree = 33


One Year Graduate Program Master of Ministry


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